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Ever feel uninspired and need more motivation? We all feel like this at some point. Sometimes you need a bit of inspiration to spark your interest off and to send you in the right direction. I thought I would give you some guidance.

Fashion Shows

We all check what’s hot on the runway and what’s currently trending. This is the place you will see the most wacky and unusual (and of course, expensive) looking designs. This website gives a rundown of the runway hits.



Celebrities we look at for their style and trend. We gather ideas for our next bag purchase. According to Forbes, Beyoncé is the most powerful celebrity at the moment, Rihanna and Katy Perry are also in the top 10.

Social Media

Perhaps the most valuable place to search for bag inspiration is on social media sites. These serve as a powerful tool to collect masses of images in one place for convenience. Underrated website Pinterest is great. I get a lot of inspiration and ideas from here. Not a lot of people talk about it as much as Twitter, FB etc but take a look and see what you find, you may have to sign up to search and view images but it’s free! Pinterest is great for grouping images from around the internet in themes and categories. Just by typing ‘handbag’ in the search bar you stumble across hundreds of these collections. Here are a few of the bags that you will see.

This is one of the best ways to search for inspiration because you get to see a lot of bags quickly without having to sift through irrelevant images or pages of adverts. Pinterest shows everyday girls wearing bags rather than the bag-to-impress ideas fashion shows and celebrities can give you.

Maybe, after reading this article, you go onto these sites and find you have your motivation back!

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