Fun & Amazing Crochet Hats!

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Met Phil Ferguson (also know as Chiliphilly). He’s living in Melbourne, Australia and he’s makes crochet hats like you have never seen before. Think food, vegetables tacos, fruit, dessert, ice-cream, he’s even made a birthday cake!

Imagine eating a doughnut and thinking I want this as a hat! Well he’s gone and done just that!

Crochet knitting must take a while to knit. You have to have hand-eye coordination and patience.

With his Facebook account and 116k (and counting) followers on Instagram, I’m sure we’ll be seeing these hats all over!

If you want a unique style hat this year, take a look at these and I can guarantee you’ll get attention.

These look more like pillows to me!

Hmmm which one shall I wear today?

Anyone for pizza?

Just looking at this makes me hungry!

And for dessert…

A chocolate sprinkle doughnut! I’m liking the side tilt too!

Hot Dog

With mustard! This is quite a long hat.

Anyone for coffee?

Watch out!

Burger Hat

In the words of Chiliphilly:

After months of trying to figure out how to make it, I finally finished my burger hat!

Big breakfast

Just don’t get egg on your face!

This is loopy!

Fruit loops

Brownie for you?

Redskin brownie

Little Cupcake

This is my favourite!

Grape Head

Red grapes!

Can anyone guess this one?


Peas in a pod

Two’s peas in a pod… well 5 peas! Haha.

Egg plant

Love the green and purple colours

Have a bottle on me!

Lovely green bottle

Cinnamon Swirl

As ChiliPhilly says:

Princess Leia’s buns have nothing on my cinnamon buns!

Chocolate Egg Head

This will keep you nice and warm in Winter


Cosy and warm


With salad! Yummy.


Have an icy-pole without turning your tongue blue!

Chicken drumstick

I wonder if he can hear when wearing this!

Saucy Head

Tomato ketchup and mustard!

Happy Birthday cake

Perfect on the head!

youtube video BBC World Service

youtube video Crumpler

These are fun hats and you have to admire the work and effort that chiliphilly has put into them! Good job!



http://www.buzzfeed.com/mallorymcinnis/chiliphilly-is-the-king-of-hats#.lrpQjjArKHere Are The Best Hats You’ve Ever Seen Who wouldn’t want to keep their ears warm with an enormous slice of pizza?

Phil started making his hats after moving from Perth to Melbourne, Australia. He told BuzzFeed Life that he thought putting his work on Instagram would help him meet more people and, “After a few weeks I found it was a great way to channel my energy into making things people were liking!”

“Mainly because it was one of the first, so I hadn’t figured out how to make things as confidently!”

It “always changes, especially every time I make a new one! Right now, it’s either my bacon and eggs or my pizza! Though the burger always has a place in my heart.”

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