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Thinking of buying your Winter hat or going somewhere cold? The best time to buy is now… a season behind so you get whatever you need before they sell out. Usually people tend to buy hastily when we have one cold day, everyone seems to think it’s Winter already! Be prepared and do your research so you know what you want.

I know shopping for Winter hats can get boring and repetitive but I’ve found these cool knitted fun styles that will make everyone happy… and they keep your headwarm and cosy!

1. Brainy Beanie Hat
Wear this and I’m sure everyone will be asking about it! Brainy Beanie Hat… a good gift for a know-it-all! I can imagine from a-far it looks like a brain. People will double take to see if it’s actual real! Haha!

2. Viking Beard Helmet Hat
Grab this Viking Helmet Hat and be the centre of attention! You head, ears, face, neck and shoulders will be warm and cosy!

3. Think of your dog too!
Your dog needs a hat if you do too! They don’t want to get cold so think of them. This is so cute and will look great on any dog!

Even one for your cat!

4. Cute Totoro Hat for your little one…
Keep your baby warm with this cute hat. Also keeps their ears warm.

5. “Adventure. Excitement. A Jedi craves not these things.” 
Yes, you guessed it… a Yoda green hat! Fan of Star Wars? Grab this adorable hat.

6. Maybe you like Owls or Wolves?
Personally I can’t decide which one I like the best… Buy both!

7. Crocheted Knight’s Helmet Cap 
This is great! Keep your head warm as well as you ears and face with this striking design. Removable visor for the not so cold days!

8. Foxy Hat
This is such a cute hat. Keep snuggled and warm with this foxy hat.

9. Eye Beholder Hat 
Spook someone by wearing this at night! You’ll definitely tower above the crowd!

10. Festive Christmas Tree Hat 
OK, do you can only wear this around Christmas but it’s totally worth it!
Get into the Christmas spirit with this festive hat.

11. Medieval Snood / Hat
You could set off a trend with this hat! Keeps your back warm too!

12. Mummified Hat
Great for Halloween and fancy dress.

13. Cthulhu Hat
If you’re after a different look or wanting to hide your face, then this is the hat for you!

14. Crochet Aviator Hat For Baby 
Aviator is such a good look even on babies!

15. Spock Vulcan Hat 
Love Star Trek?

16. Bender Hat
This is one of my favourites! I love Bender from Futurama!

17. Lord of the Rings Hat
This is quite a full on hat! Great for fancy dress and parties.

18. Tranformers Optimus Prime Helmet
This is similar to the Knight’s helmet, good to keep warm.

19. Crazy Wig Professor Hat with Beard!
This is a fun hat!

20. Peacock Hat
You can wear 2 ways… cover your entire face or wear as a beret. 2 hats for the price of 1! I’m not sure about you but this looks kind of scary!

21. Knitted Beard Hat
When beards are in fashion, you can wear this!

22. Viking style 
Again, fake beard when you need it!

23. Boobie Beanie for your baby
Funny and warm!

24. Scary Mask
Definitely needed for Halloween!

25. Deer Hat
Your baby will love this hat.

26. Turtle Power Hat
Grab one of these Ninja Turtle Power hats! Great for playing around as well as keeping you warm.

27. Ho Ho Santa hat with a beard!
Perfect for Christmas!

28. Ponytail hat
Ever wanted to wear a hat but you’ve got your hair tied back? I know the feeling! This is perfect for those situations!

So there you go! A few styles for you to review and hopefully I gave you a few ideas as to what style you would like this Winter. Maybe you’re choosing for someone else or buying a gift. Make someone happy and buy them a fun hat!


http://www.earthporm.com/28-cool-winter-hats-will-keep-warm/28 Cool Winter Hats That Will Keep You Warm Knitting and crocheting require time, patience, talent, and a lot of yarn. The results can be classic and cozy, or uniquely incredible, like these winter hats that will keep you warm and help you to truly stand out.

If you are going to be in freezing cold weather you want to wear a warm hat, heat does escape through the top of your head, just not at the rate science once thought. Until more recent studies surfaced, it was believed that nearly 50% of all body heat escaped through the head. In 2006, researchers disproved this theory, finding only 7-10% of body heat actually exists through your head. Still, a hat can be a very useful tool when it comes to staying warm.

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