It’s All About Necklaces

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Necklaces are worn around the neck for ornamental value. Necklace gives beauty to the neck as it touches the throat. Women love jewellery and would love to be looked upon as being attractive to others and to this end, pieces of jewellery are their craving.

The past looks at a necklace as a seductive piece of jewellery and in those days, women were whispered to have deliberating worn necklaces to attract attention to the cleavage.

  • The Italians wore their necklaces with pendants that were hollow so they could be filled with perfume.
  • Egyptians wore heavy gold necklaces on very low necklines, giving them a look of superiority
  • Queen Alexandra was thought to have worn real pearl necklaces for all formal events and state occasions.
  • Pearl necklaces were so luxurious and expensive that it is once said that an American skyscraper was traded for the price of a pearl necklace.

Necklaces are made from several different metals and a locket or pendant can also be attached to them. Christians tend to wear pendants of cross while pendants of Gods and Goddesses are worn by Hindus. They can be also studded with precious stones, wood, shells or beads to give them a magnificent look.

Necklaces that are worn high on the neck are recognised as chokers. The necklace that ends on the cleavage is called the Matinée necklace.

Opera necklaces are longer in length and end below the breasts. Then there are the rope necklaces that are longer then the opera necklaces.

Rubies are embedded for their red colour

Sapphires for the blue colour

Emeralds for green

Diamonds for their brightness and white colour

Swarovski crystal necklaces are more expensive than glass and are making a fashion trend because of the brilliance and dazzle of the crystals. Multi-coloured necklaces are in Vogue and these are fixed with several types of gems to give them the limited edition look to go with any heavy outfit on a special event.

A bride in a white wedding dress with diamonds studded in white gold looks elegant and princess like.

Jewellers stock necklace sets, which include a necklace, earrings and a matching bracelet. This is for people who want a matching set and it’s easier than running around all different shops trying to find a bracelet earrings to match a certain necklace.

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