Stacking Rings Are Back

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Stacking rings are trending again. These were trending back in 2014 and it seems they’re back this year.

If you’ve got any in your jewellery wardrobe from last year, don’t get rid… wear them. You’ll be on-trend and trending.

All styles of stacking rings are trending. Gold, silver, stacking rings with stones, symmetrical, midi, thick and thin. The trick is not to think about the layout too much and just go with the flow… you don’t have to have a ring on all fingers and thumbs. Maybe have a midi on one finger and leave a few fingers bare, then have a gold and silver stacking rings on the finger and thumb. Whatever sequence you decide, remember there’s no rules to this, no continuity so don’t try to match colours, stones etc, just mix and match.

The bigger, the better

Maybe add a big ring in the mix with a few small delicate ones

No rules

Mix and match

As I mentioned above, don’t wear just one colour. Mix golds and silvers.

These rings can show off your engagement/wedding ring

If you’re one of the lucky ones to have an engagement or wedding ring on your lovely finger, these rings can bring attention and accentuate your stunning ring(s)

Show your style and character

Whatever stytle you have or like, show it off.



Stacking Rings Is Trending Again, So Here’s How To Do It Like A Pro (Photos) From office to nightlife to dates with bae, our daily lives call for appropriate ring swag. And although traditional stacking rings is so 2014, you can re-up the jewelry trend by mastering the art of piling on the pieces.

Whether blah or bling, these bands — dramatic or otherwise — could make or break your warm weather look, so awaken your inner Gollum and go HAM putting as many edgy, exaggerated rings on each finger as possible. Or, if your prefer, play up your dainty side with soft, simple statements. Thumbs included.

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