12 Ex’s, 12 Shoes

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Imagine if one of your ex’s designed a shoe based on you! That’s what artist Sebastian Errazuriz has done. He has created 12 shoes for 12 of his ex lovers. He’s based the designs on the girls he has met in the past and created masterpieces with a short story to accommodate it, which is fantastic.

This is Shoe Art!

When you look at the shoes, your mind automatically visualizes what the girls you think, were like and that’s what art is all about. Of course, we don’t know what the girls look like but this is the best thing about it.

These wacky shoes will appeal not just to girls but to men too. Yes the girls will look at the shoes and think different thoughts to men but the men can relate to the artist in a different way… maybe they have their own similar stories and have a little chuckle as they view and read on!

My favourite has to be “Jetsetter Jessica” Sexy red shoe with a plane as the heel. The title of this stunning shoe tells the story without reading the brief reminiscence that Errazuriz has penned.

Which one is your favourite?

Not sure about you but after reading this, It’s got me wondering what kind of a shoe I would be!

Shoe 1 – “Honey” Natasha

Shoe 2 – “Cry Baby” Alexandra

Shoe 3 – “Gold Digger” Alison

Shoe 4 – “Heart Breaker” Laura

Shoe 5 – “Ice Queen” Sophie

Shoe 6 – “Hot Bitch” Caroline

Shoe 7 – “The Virgin” Anna

Shoe 8 – “Jetsetter” Jessica

Shoe 9 – “The Boss” Rachel

Shoe 10 – “GI Jane” Barbara

Shoe 11 – “The Ghost” Valentina

Shoe 12 – “The Rock” Alice




Artist Creates 12 Shoes For 12 Ex Lovers | Bored Panda
Artist Creates 12 Shoes For 12 Ex Lovers | Bored Panda Artist Sebastian Errazuriz has created a series of exquisitely-designed shoes that deal with his past relationships in a uniquely artistic and open way. The series, called “12 Shoes For 12 Lovers,” features shoes designed to reflect each of his 12 exes.

Each beautiful high-heel shoe comes with a brief anecdote about or description of the girl in Errazuriz’s past that it is dedicated to. Some of the descriptions are beautiful and flattering, while others are not quite as nice. However, they are all powerful – the shoes seem like an act of deliberate public self-exposure, and Errazuriz seems more vulnerable to these women from his past.

Read the full article here.



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