New Shoes Not Needed, Just The Heels!

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OMG! I never thought I’d say this girls, but you only need one pair of shoes in your wardrobe! This is coming from me that owns a lots of shoes, erm maybe I should rephrase that… a serious amount of shoes!

Tanya Heath is a Fashion Designer from Canada, (who has been working in Paris for the last 20 years) has invented interchangeable clip into place heels.

Gone of the days when your heel breaks and you have no superglue in your bag, when your feet are so achy from the high stiletto heel that you’re trying to convince yourself you can walk in and having to bring a spare pair of flat shoes with you. Yep, Tanya has saved the day!

You don’t have to stick to one type of heel, she has made sure you get a variety of choices from stiletto to chunk heel. Any combination you desire.

When asked where her idea came from, she simple said it was her life:

‘[The inspiration was] From my life. I wore high heels to work, to restaurants, to parties.

‘I wore them everywhere but I could never manage the pain. Once I nearly had a car accident when my heel locked under the break.

‘I just fantasised non-stop about a shoe where you could just take the heels off, and that would go from a comfortable low-heel to a high-heel, and still make me look good!’

Meet Tanya Heath…

Heels for all occasions…


youtube video TANYA HEATH Paris

I can see this trending on another level girlies!

Imagine having a heelbox!!! I would love one of those! What kind of heel shall I wear today? Let me open my heel box! Actually I think I’ll take two styles today!

I’m so impressed with this idea. Apparently they are comfortable and as you can see, fashionable too.

************************************************************************************************************* Heath invents shoes that feature world’s first convertible heels | Daily Mail Online Tanya has admitted that it was difficult to create a shoe, where the composition wouldn’t change depending on the height of the heel.

Tanya has admitted that it was difficult to create a shoe, where the composition wouldn’t change depending on the height of the heel.

‘It took 14 engineers and two and a half years to perfect the arch and the clip.

‘Once we had a working principle, over 10 designers, shoe technicians and last specialists worked on creating styles that work in multi-height.’

Her shoe collection has now become fully integrated with her own wardrobe. She has worn a style from the collection ‘every day of my life for the past 3 years!’

Tanya Heath’s invention means that high stilettos (pictured left) can be swapped for a chunky more comfortable heel (pictured right) depending on the occasion

It’s not only just the heel height that’s the selling point – different prints can boost the outfit. In this case, pink sparkly heels are being chosen and slid on

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