Shoes For All The Busy Girls Out There

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Us girls are always on the go. We live hectic lives that sometimes we need to make it easier on ourselves. By this I mean, not slowing down your lifestyle but choosing the right shoes to match your lifestyle!

Whether you’re walking to the office or having lunch with some friends, I’m certain that this article will help you.

BTW, there are no trainers in this article… trainer free zone! The shoes mentioned below are just shoes!

Simple Black Flat Ballerina Pumps

TBH we all know that these are basic but they are a God send when you’ve been wearing heels all day. You can even squeeze them into your handbag so you can change mid way through the day. The golden rule when wearing pumps, is not to feel unsexy and unattractive! Some girls need heels to feel sexy and fab but trust me, your feet will thank you! Struct your stuff in these babies and give off a sexy and sophistication look!

Simple black pumps go with anything

Olivia Palmero in Black Pumps

Angelina Jolie in black flat pumps

Victoria Beckham

Black Heeled Pumps

OK, you don’t want to wear your flat black pumps every day. When you want to feel more glam and you think a certain pair of jeans would look better in heels, go for the simple black heeled pumps. Black will go with anything so best to buy this colour first then branch out on a wacky colour later.

Emma Watson in black heeled pumps

Nude Pumps

Let’s take it you’ve got your black heeled pumps but fancy a change and want another colour. Go for this nude bare colour. These are essential! They make your legs look more slender and longer. Again these will go with anything so no need to change your wardrobe colours!

Selena Gomez in nude colour heels


Fabulous Sandals

If you want to make an effort by wearing dressy sandals but still look casual (smart casual), take a look at these that might give you a few ideas.

Jennifer Lopez (JLo)

Comfortable Boots

We all own a comfy pair of boots. But do you have a smart casual comfy pair? If not, time to invest in some. Not saying go and buy the most expensive pair you can find. There’s so many to choose from ranging from High Street Stores to high end brands.

Emma Stone in a pair of Western heeled boots

Kate Moss rocking her suede fringe boots

Make A Statement With Your Shoes

If you’re wearing all black and need to spice up your outfit, go for statement shoes, flat or heeled!

Chrissy Teigen

Jessica Alba

Kendall Jenner

Miranda Kerr in leopard print loafers

So there you have it… a few ideas to keep your busy lifestyle, busy and your feel to keep up!







******************************************************************************************************************* Have Shoes for Girls on the Go | Glam Radar Women who are always on the go know too well the struggle of being in heels all the time. It’s painful, it’s difficult and it can even be dangerous but they have no choice but to put up with it because heels add a certain hint of glamour to the look. It doesn’t always have to be that way, though. Here are some stylish must have shoes for girls on the go.

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