Spring/Summer 2015 Shoe Trends

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Are you a shoe lover? If you answered yes, then this is the place for you and even if you’re not… after reading this, I hope you will be 🙂

Here are a few on-trend shoe tips for SS15. Before you start panicking and thinking all shoes below will be sky-high heels… don’t panic because not all are heels! If you fancy rocking the Western look, woven style or just want to add power or colour, check out my suggestions to be “The Fashionista” this year!

The Weave Effect
Grab a pair of shoes with the woven detailing and you’re onto a winner! Woven shoes are hitting it big time this year and also on trainers! So if you see a pair of gorgeous shoes with a woven/weave pattern, I would suggest you buy them!

If you want power and glamour, these are the shoes for you. Power pumps are all about having a high stiletto with a pointed toe. If you feel uncomfortable wearing these kind of shoes, then try adding an ankle strap for extra support…you will still show power with the high heel!

The more straps you can find, the better. Laces are on-trend right now and will be throughout the year. You can find so many different styles of strappy/laces shoes out there, it all depends on whether you want straps around the ankle, foot or leg… they all look great!

Western is Back!
The Western look is back. Whether you go for the Western heel, fringe or the suede boot, make sure you grab attention with this style!

Have Happy Feet with Gorgeous Flats!
Give your feet a break and wear flats. Sure everyone wants to look and feel great every day but who says you can’t when wearing flat shoes? Your feet will thank you later in the day!

Blocky Colours
Add colour to your outfit by wearing blocky colour shoes. The more colours, the better.


The benefits of wearing platforms are that they pain-free and they add height! Perfect combination.


For me, the best way to find shoes is to look on the Internet for ideas (see what’s out there) and then if I’m still unsure, go to the stores and try on different styles. This way, you get to know your size (we all know that size varies with different brands) and sometimes you even change your mind when you try them on.

Have fun this SS15 with colours, heels and flats!

*********************************************************************************************************** Shoe Trends 2015 | Runway | POPSUGAR Fashion Paging all shoe-lovers — and that’s all of us, right? The Spring ’15 runways gave us a whole new crop of kicks to covet for this season. So what exactly do we have to look forward to? Designers emphasized wearability and ease, delivering flatforms and block heels, not to mention a selection of flats, dressed up with fringe and embellishment so you don’t even have to feel guilty about not wearing your heels. It’s all right here; just scroll for your preview of Spring’s new footwear.

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