Stiletto Tuesdays in Singapore!

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The higher your heel girles, the better the discount you’ll receive off your bill!

I know heels are a nightmare but when it can get you a discount off your meal, I’d wear the highest of heels!

This was a special promotion at the Ritz-Carlton Millenia in Singapore back in March 2015. The restaurant decided to offer this special discount to all the girls wearing high shoes. Men and children were excluded!

It was running every Tuesday for a month between 6:30pm-10:30pm. All you had to do was wear high heels from 1-5″ or more to receive a discount! The small heel which they class as 1 to 1.9″ would get you a 10% discount. The higher heel which is 5″ or more, would get you a 50% discount! Not bad! Half the price! I think it was time to get your highest of heels out for that night!

Don’t get me wrong, this 5 star hotel wouldn’t be cheap to dine in but with 50% off your bill, I think this would have been worth it!

In my opinion, I think special promotions like these are great ideas. It gets you out mid week, (which splits your week up, so it doesn’t feel so long) and it gets you a discount. Also it’s great business for them as Tuesdays tend to be less busy! Win, win!

Have a look at their discounts below!

I’d be looking round at all the girls shoes and trying to compete so I think I’ll wear these 8″ beauties! Haha.

************************************************************************************************************ Millenia Spore: Ladies, the higher your heels, the more discount off your dinner bill | Mothership.SG Dear ladies, Ritz-Carlton, Millenia Singapore is positively discriminating in your favour: If you wear heels and head over for dinner on Tuesdays throughout the month of March 2015, they are offering you discounts of up to 50 percent.

Male diners who are trying to game the system, don’t bother: You pay normal rates. It’s stated in the terms and conditions.

And is the waiter going to stoop down to measure every heel they see to get the exact height?

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