Watch Out Girls, Men Are Looking Better In Heels Than We Do!

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I had to write about this… apparently men are now wearing heels. When I say heels. I mean sexy heels!

I heard of Drag Queens and wearing heels for fun but this is now serious. So serious, that the men look better than we do! I didn’t think this was possible! From casual to  dressy, they all look fab!

We all know it take a certain amount of skill to walk in heels. These guys are talented! A yoga pose in heels… no way!

Check this fashionista out with his yellow killer heels!

#fierce #meninheels

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Very swarve and elegant! The dog approves too!

Smaxx posing with KC! #wienerdog #meninheels #stiletto

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Very Basic Instinct

I put the Cecilia de Rafael Miss 20 sealmess tights through a brutal test. First some initial impressions… the fit was exquisite. They fit like a second skin and were very soft to the touch. They have a rather matte appearance which i appreciate because matte tights look better on camera. I wore them on a hot date to a house party full of my local Burning Man people. This is not your average house party… shoes were on, off, on, inside, out in the yard, on the roof, climbing on things, dancing, laying, you name it. Countless things snagged my tights without creating a hole. By the time 4:45am rolled around, a hole had finally emerged. I wasnt even that sad sbout it either (other than destroying what was becoming my favorite pair of nylons) …I defy any other manufacturer's tights to endure the kind of abuse I dished out on the Miss 20's by @ceciliaderafael.

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I’m just chilling in my heels

Now this is just showing off!

I’m with my crew!

I look great and I know it!

#dance #heels #meninheels #boysinheels #ImABadBitchInHeels ?????

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These heels look fab with these meggings!

Who needs a tee when you have heels like this?!

Got my bf jeans on with sexy heels

Day out on the pier wearing my wedges!

Loving the platforms!

Casual wedge look

#gay #instagay #powerbottom #berlin #kitkatclub #gayboy #flawless #beyonce #feelingmyself #feelingmyoats #meninheels #heels #BBHMM

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Good posture…

And balance!

Do the limbo!

#kazaky #heels #meninheels #boysinheels

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I’m feeling it!

Just styling my rock n rock look

Simple and sexy

I’m cool!

To dance is my pasion. #ManInHeels

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These shoes make me feel good…

So good!

Toned legs teamed with printed heels!

Zero fucks given #meninheels #heels #idgaf #legsfordays

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I am what I am!

Live life to the full!

Hard day at work…

We are looking fly!

Yes, darling you’re right… I  look fantastic!

You know we look good!

These are just a few of the guys wearing sexy heels! Which is your favourite???

*********************************************************************************************************************** Photos That Prove Men Need To Wear Heels More Often
Sidewalks are the real runways.
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