19 Struggles During Summer!

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Being a girl, I know it’s hard in Summer. We have so many things to think about let alone what to wear!

Men tend to be carefree about the following topics which is perfect for them. I’m sure if they had to deal with these concerns, they would be freaking out on day one! We are now professionals at this so us girlies can handle it! Don’t get me wrong, a few guys have these matters too but majority are girls.

Even if your friends/partners don’t mention these points, they’re still going through it, trust me! Maybe trying to keep things hidden for embarressment sake, just support them anyway.

Have a look and see if you relate to any of these… if you say no to all points… really? Hmmm!

1. Ever feel like you’re always shaving your legs?!

Doesn’t matter if you shave, epilate or have a wax… always seem to be shaving somehow

19 Struggles Every Girl Has During The Summer

2. But they’re still not smooth?!

Still have the prickles?

3. Your make up feels like it’s evaporating in the Summer heat

I’m melting away!

Trying to keep your makeup from melting off your face in the heat.

4. We all know the golden rule… don’t wipe the sweat off!

We don’t want streaks on our face… not a good look.

5. Waterproof mascara is a no go! It’s perfect when you’re out but hell when you want to take it off before bedtime!

There must be a knack to this!

6. Your feet have been cooped up all Winter and you somehow neglected them!

Shame on you.


7. If your nail polish on your toes had a sell by date, darling… they were off last year!

Always keep your toes nails fresh… you never know when you’re feet will be on show.

Don’t judge me. #chippedtoepaint #firstday #tires #clichephoto #swollenpigs? #why A photo posted by keirah_bryn (@keirah_bryn) on

8. Anyone who’s worn flip flops know the grime they leave when you take them off…


The sign of a well played Sunday. #dirtyflipflopfeet

A photo posted by Courtney Mitchell (@jaycmsmurfette) on


9. Yes girlies, our bodies sweat! Men have this issue too!

Try putting a lovely scented body moisturiser and deodorant on before going out.

So fucking hot out!! Already 96 degrees #boobsweat #ballsstucktomythigh #fatkidproblems A photo posted by Mike Todaro 🇺🇸🇮🇹 (@hawgnlove) on

10. Anyone suffer from chafing thighs?

11. Always remember that you’re wearing a skirt

I know it’s hot and sometimes you pass the stage of caring… but always try to sit elegantly else everyone and their partners will get a glimpse of your girlie part and maybe Bridget Jones’s pants!

Little miss Fitz is so modest. #catssittinglikehumans #catsofinstagram #prettykitty A photo posted by Katy Harrison (@katyfallon) on

12. Always having to tie your hair back due to you neck perspiration!

It’s just easier.


13. It’s so hot and windless!

No wind in the air makes it hard to cope.

14. Nothing worse than sticking legs!

Yes, you’re in a pub or over at a friends house (sat on a leather sofa) when you get up and you’re legs are stuck together! OMG! awkward animated GIF

15. Preparing our girlie parts for our bikini days

We don’t want any surprises!

16. Tell me if I’m popping out!

We always ask a friend or a partner to tell us this while wearing a bikini!

17. Sometimes we can make magic eye puzzles

Wearing a strappy vest may be cool but not for your back!

18. We always try to do this when nobody’s looking…

Always get caught though!

19 Struggles Every Girl Has During The Summer

19. After the sunburn comes the pain of the bra strap!

Ouch… your bra strap keeps digging in your shoulder which happens to portray a red scary lobster right now!

We’ve all been there and go through this every year so you’re not alone!

Just don’t let these points ruin your lovely Summer!

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********************************************************************************************************* Struggles Every Girl Has During The Summer Chub rub and boob sweat every goddamn day.

I hate how I have to shave my legs like every other day cause it’s summer…they’re never as smooth as they are when I wait a while 😔

Sweating leads to brow wiping which leads to no eyebrows. #summerproblems

Whoever originally said ‘nothing is impossible’ clearly never tried to remove waterproof mascara.

When your bikini top falls off

A bra strap on a sun burn is top ten worst feelings

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