333 (and more) Strangers Faces!

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Meet Gábor Erdélyi, a Hungarian freelance photographer. His camera is always by his side wherever he goes and around a year ago he decided to visit different places around the world to showcase different walks of life. He doesn’t ask for their personal details, only their name, a country and a look, leaving his business card with them. I find this very fascinating and interesting to see different faces from various locations.

Every day, we see strangers faces for a few seconds or more but Gábor wanted to capture them for longer and exhibit the results. All the photos are from natural lighting with no hair or make up professional makeover beforehand, they’re all spontaneous and unscripted. This is a unique way to show off natural characters.

His goal is to get 333 or more on his blog! That’s a lot of strangers!

From Spain, Netherlands, Italy, Germany to the Philippines, Singapore and Argentina, there are many faces to see. This is definitely worth taking a look.

Dorka From Hungary

Johanna From Germany

Patricia From Spain

Sol From Spain

Gloria From Germany

Tünde From Hungary

Maria From Kolumbia (Colombia)

Ophelia From Spain

Azahara From Madeira

Ailec From Cuba

Minana From Spain

Hana From the Netherlands

Lina From Singapore

Laia From Gambia

Ana From Ukraina (Ukraine)

Ancsa from Hungary

Lucrecia from Italy

Yisharek from Etiopia

Leymar from Venezuela

Hana from Czech Republic

Daniela from Slovakia

Did you notice that no professional make up artists or professional hairdressers were involved? I like the fact that Gábor captured women with their daily looks and didn’t use any trick special effects to mask their imperfections… after all we’re all human and nobody’s perfect, we come close though!

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*********************************************************************************************************************** Portraits: My One-Minute Photoshoots Of Faces From The Streets | Bored Panda I am Gábor Erdélyi, a Hungarian freelance photographer. When I walk the streets, I always have my camera with me. Every day we meet hundreds and thousands of strangers for a moment. There are plenty of faces who catch us with their charisma or with their look. I was fed up that these faces flash only for a moment. A year ago I started taking pictures first of my friends, then of strangers on the street. I ask them to give me a minute to make a spontaneous portrait about them. There is no prior consultation, makeup, hair stylists and staff. No studio lightning, no location arrangement. Most of the pictures are results of spontaneous encounters.

I do not ask for phone number or email address. I ask only for a first name, a country and a look. I tell them that I prepare a series for my blog and I would like to have an exhibition from these pictures in the end. I take the portrait in 1-2 minutes, I give my card with my contact details and say goodbye. The goal is a portrait series with 333 photos. Or more…

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