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Cute Cattoos for Cat Lovers

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Are you a dog or a cat lover? I’m a dog lover but I also love cats. I’ve never had a cat, always had dogsbut I still have the time for cats when I meet them.

Are you so in love with your cat that you would have a tattoo of him/her? Lots of pet owners have their pets name or a portrait on their body, it’s not unusual (I feel like Tom Jones when I say that).

Here are some cat inspired tattoos for you to have a look at and maybe give you a few ideas!

This one is so cute!

Simple outline tattoos…

Bold cattoos

This is cat / Ying & Yang inspired!

A touch of colour…

Not fur the faint hearted! hehe!

I hope I have given you some ideas if you were thinking of getting a cattoo!

********************************************************************************************************* Minimalistic Cat Tattoos For Cat Lovers | Bored Panda Cats have been used as symbols throughout history. In ancient Egypt, they were known as “mau,” were associated with the goddesses Isis and Ba’at, and were often depicted in art and even mummified. In Greek times, they were linked with cleanliness, lust, deviousness, and cunning.

In modern times, cats have often been associated with independence, and have even become symbols of rebellion. For example, South Korean law dictates that tattoos can only be done by medical practitioners. In response, tattoo enthusiasts have started to get cat tattoos as a form of protest.

If you have your own cat tattoos, post them here or vote on the classiest cat tattoos below!

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