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No Need to Ink The Skin… Tattoos To Wear For One Night

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Tattoos are a commitment and when you’re in the mood to show off your body art but haven’t actually got any… then it’s time for semi perm (temp) tattoos!

I think the reason that these were invented was because we change our minds so often that if we get a permanent tattoo, (majority of the time) we’ll be sick of it within a year but yet it has to last a lifetime! I’m sure a lot of people change their mind. Many people get a tattoo in memory of someone and that’s understandable but for the drunken silly tattoos that some people do get, is silly and the only person that benefits from that, is the tattooist! Sure there’s laser surgery and a tattoo fixer but really?!

I don’t have any tattoos and I don’t intend to get any either. I like the see the artwork on someone else but there’s so many reasons why I wouldn’t get one. I’d have temp tattoos though!

Take a look at these semi temp tats that anyone can wear just for a day or two and the best thing about it… it doesn’t matter if you get bored of it, it’s gone within a week!

Go for the girly floral look


Lovely little fox…

Stay Weird guy!

2 Moons

Small little skull

Well everyone seems to be wearing vegetables on their sweaters… why not wear on your arm!

Was the previous one too much? Just try a carrot!

Gold shiny metallic rose. Looks perfect with the gold jewellery

Shine bright like one of these diamonds…

Colourful bird

Glow in the dark tats!

I’m always late

Luscious lips

Breaking Bad Heisenberg aka Walter Hartwell White 

Russian dolls

Maybe you like owls?

Melting pizza… yummy!

This ode to pizza, that will actually only last a couple of days.

What will be, will be!

Edgy rose


Bold floral

Super Mom tattoo… would you want this to wash away?!

Whale art

For the cat lovers…

Turn me on and off!

These are just a few ideas for temp tattoos. There’s so many out there to choose from.

I think I like the glow in the dark and the metallic ones. These are great for Summer!

********************************************************************************************************* Tattoos To Wear Only For A Night Look totally bad-ass, for a bit.

Show your dark side, if only for a while. Get them here.

Shine like a diamond, get them here.

But this will wash off, get it here.

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