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A day spa offers a number of personal care treatments to their customers. Some of these services include facials, manicures, pedicures or massages. Unlike weekend spas, people are only expected to stay at the day spa until their treatment has finished. Waxing is another common treatment that is offered. Body hair is removed by using a warm wax. A day spa should be a place which is extremely clean and comfortable so you feel welcome and at home. Each person has their own private room where they will receive their treatments. If the customer prefers to take a shower before their treatment begins, showering facilities are provided and are available for both men and women.

Day spas employ trained Beauty Therapists who are skilled with massages or other areas. Spa robes and slippers may be provided. There’s a variety of different massages you can choose from. Some of these are Swedish, Deep Muscle or Shiatsu. Addition to waxing, the facility should also have different heat treatments available, laser hair removal or hand and foot treatments. As the name suggests day spas will majority have a hot tub, steam room or sauna. You may also be able to hire a personal trainer and many feature Yoga too.

If you’re looking to reduce stress, then go to a day spa. The teams in the day spa should make you feel great and at home. If it’s your first time to the spa, they will explain to you the different treatments they provide. Once this is over and they have explained the procedures, you’ll be shown to your private room where you can dress in a robe. You will be offered a drink of water or juice. You’ll be expected to arrive on time for your appointment.

As you’re treated, the Therapist may want you to provide feedback on how you feel. You need to relax; this is the most important thing. Let your Therapist do the work. It’s best to leave your children at home if you can because they can disturb the quiet atmosphere. Some day spas will require tips, whilst others will not. Day spas do have rules and guidelines to follow. There are a number of behaviours which will not be tolerated, a client that turns up drunk will not be seen and asked to leave and customers are not to be abusive to the Therapists. It is also not the usual standard to visit most spas without first making appointments beforehand, as many of them may be booked on any given day.

You should now go and make your appointment! Relax and enjoy it.

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