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Try And Use This New Daily Routine For Better Skin

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Every day we wash our bodies, shampoo our hair, clip our nails and dry our hair. Personal grooming, for majority of people, is a sequence of well-entrenched habits and in most cases it is overcooked.  Would you be willing to change your routine if doing so made your skin look more striking and created a better-looking you?

Most adults (aged 30+) make big mistakes when it comes to washing:  They do it too often. They take a shower in the morning, another after the gym and sometimes maybe even one before bedtime. Most people spend far too much time in the shower. Try and cut your shower time to 5 minutes, this will help your skin and save on your water bill!

If we spend too much time washing ourselves, it removes our natural oils from our skin.

Have a read through these tips to help you.

  1. Avoid using a washcloth on delicate areas, especially the mucous membranes (sensitive parts). Use a soft sponge to massage your skin. Move the sponge in one direction towards your heart.
  2. Use medium-warm water in the shower, the cooler the better.
  3. If you have normal to dry skin, use Dove Unscented for Sensitive Skin on your body and either a soap free cleanser or nothing at all on mucous membranes
  4. If you tend to have oily skin, then use good glycerine soap.
  5. Try to not have a shower/bath as often as you can. I know this sounds yucky to some people but the more time you have in between washes, the better. Don’t have a shower for a whole day once or twice a week, especially in the winter. This will allow your skin to produce and maintain its natural oils. If this really doesn’t appeal to you, try making your shower really short a few days a week.
  6. If you can, buy a natural shampoo. A lot of shampoos contain synthetic chemicals and various dyes which aren’t that good for your hair.

Try this for a few weeks and notice the results. You can improve the health of your skin by following these tips: Reduce the time in your shower/bath, massage your skin whilst showering and use natural products for your skin and hair.

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