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Crazy Cool Hairstyles!

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I thought it would be good to see unusual hairstyles today. Anyone can shave their head but for these guys, it’s on another level. Imagine having one of these cool designs. For me, it’s amazing to look at and I appreciate the art and time that they’ve put into it but I would get bored of it too quickly. I’d have to then wait for it to grow out and that would be a while! I’ve decided to show men and women for this article to give a variety of designs.

The hairdressers/barbers that created them must be talented. I don’t think you’d go into any hairdresser or barber and ask for a certain style, if they did… they must have known they can do it. I know I wouldn’t trust anyone doing this.

Gecko Lizard. This looks great!

This Guy is Rocking a Colourful Heart Tattoo


Spider and Web

Very Festive with this Christmas Tree


Ray Lewis

Hair Cut Faces

Animal Print. This is my favourite.

Cute Dog Design


This one is funny!

Cool hat… I mean hair!


Tomato Head!


Zip me up!

This is art!

Has any of these photos convinced you to get a wacky design?

************************************************************************************************************* Tattoos: 12 Most Awesome Hair Tattoos – ODDEE Bench, the hairstyling brand, and the creative agency TBWASantiago Mangada Puno have made this incredible print ad.The image features a man with his unique haircut resembling a spider.

The prints promote hairstyling products and their extremely strong qualities.

The awesome pictures depict those features that the brand promotes – the possibility to create whatever crazy hairstyle you want.

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source grappenengrollen

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