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Lively and Fun Ways to Dye Your Hair

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We are know Summer’s here and we all have the energy and motivation to look great this time of year. If you’re thinking of changing your hair colour but not sure what to do, I thought I’d give you a few ideas.

If you’re looking for something different and want to stand out from the crowd this Summer,  you need to try out these cool funky hairstyles.

Be aware! There are some striking and beautiful colours below!

1. Dip Dye

This is a good way to introduce a new colour to your hair without dying the whole hair. All you do, is dip dye the ends.

2. Highlights

Again if you’re still unsure about colouring your whole head, why not try some colourful hightlights? Just to give your hair a boost.

3. Change Your Bangs

You can always just change your bangs / fringe which will give your hairstyle a totally different look.

4. Try Colouring Your Under Layer

5. Colour Only Half Head

If you really want to look different, then colour only half head.

6. Ombre

If you’re not feeling the bright dip dyecolour, then go for the more natural looking ombre.

7. Striking Ombre

Feeling more adventurous, then go for a striking ombre.

8. Contrary Ombre

If you have light roots, go for the opposite… with dark ombre.

9. Heated Ombre

Red hair is trending big time at the moment.

10. Stunning Mermaid Hair

Why not try mermaid hair? Blues, greens and even purple.

11. Galaxy Universe

You can’t go wrong with these. Mix blue, pink and purple to make this stunning galaxy effect.

12. Colourful Rainbow Hair

Can’t decide on a colour, then try this!

13. Go for Something Arty

Like animal prints or patterns?

14. Streaks and Stripes!

This is called Coon Tails because it looks like a raccoon’s tail!

15. Dazzling Teal Ombre

This is the most popular colour to ombre. Teal with dark roots.

Imagine these gorgeous colours shining in the sun! They are look amazing so don’t delay because before you know it, it’ll be Winter!

******************************************************************************************************************** Fun Ways to Dye Your Hair for Summer BoredBug Girls (and even guys!) love to dye their hair for a change of pace and adding some funky color to your usual do can be a great way to switch things up. Of course, you may not want to do it during the school year, as some schools and even colleges frown at the idea of crazy color, but expressing yourself during the summer is completely acceptable. Here are 20 fun ways to dye your hair for summer and add some color to your world! 1. Basic Dip Dye

One way you can add some fun color to your hair this summer is by dip dying it. When you dip dye your hair, all you need to do is use a hair tie to section it off, and you’ll want to apply the dye to the section of hair below the hair tie. It’s easy and it’s a fun way to give your ends a pop of color.

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