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Sand Art Hair Is Trending!

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Sand art hair is trending and growing! Remember the sand art bottles? It’s named after them because it looks like the sand in a bottle with all the colours mixed together, which makes sense! The way the colours blend looks really beautiful. So girlies, time to show off you lovely colourful hair in the sun! Move over dip dye and pastel hair, sand art wants to shine. A mixture of bright vibrant colour with softer shades.

I wouldn’t suggest doing this at home guys, go to a professional hairdresser as they have a special technique to generate the sand art effect. They work in sections so it’s not as simple as you think. The colours gather in a unique way and this looks amazing when shaking your head.

Remember these?

From them, to this…

These are the locked-in colours…

Look how beautiful the colours sit side by side

Even wet air looks bold and alive!

Amazing blend of colours

Video youtube PRAVANA


**************************************************************************************************************** art hair is the latest vibrant hair trend and it’s taking things to a new level Summer’s here and that means it’s time to leave all boring drab colors behind and move onto bright, bold hues — for your hair, that is. Hair in every color of the rainbow isn’t exactly revolutionary, but our favorite summer trend puts a fun spin on the vibrant colors trend. Get ready to become obsessed with sand art hair.

Remember sand art? How could you forget sand art? Now, you can create that same amazing layered effect with your hair in the most amazing colors. This is all thanks to Pravana, which created a new product called Vivids Locked-In. That name explains exactly what happens with your hair and the hair color — it’s locked in, doesn’t transfer, and doesn’t stain other strands.

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