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Are you Thinking of an Undercut Hairstyle?

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Everyone seem to be having short or undercut hair these days so I thought why not write about it!

With an undercut, you can have a variety of styles. Long one side while the other side is short, or both sides long but with an undercut either side. It’s entirely up to you. You’re not limited for options.

Many people associate shaved hair with masculinity but these days, girls are proving this to be wrong! Just because we want short or shaved hair, doesn’t mean we want to be a guy!

If you’re thinking about having an undercut, take a look at these. They might give you a few ideas.

Be brave and go for the undercut!

Make it more girly with pig tails!

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Have a heavy fringe

Have some curls

Why not shave a pattern in your hair to make it unique?

New hair cut! Thanks to #katoukoiffure #undercut #newhaircut #nofilter

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Go for the mohawk- Long at the back.

Hide it underneath until you have a ponytail…

Go for a claw pattern underneath

Women's undercut with the tiger claw ♨️

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Or lines…

Be brave and shave it both sides quite high!

A little few cuts…

New hair cut! Thanks to #katoukoiffure #undercut #newhaircut #nofilter

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Have a punky style…

Shave the side then colour it

#bluehair #dontcare #merica #undercut #girlswithshorthair #babestatus #gfy

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Just want a little shaved?

after today, i am convinced i live on the hellmouth. ✨ #fuckedupfriday #pixie #undercut

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Convince your friend to have the same!

This undercut looks fab with a plait!

Go for the arty, trendy style with a fringe and long hair

Sweep your hair to one side

Add a little bit of your character by shaving a little off the side

Undercut the side but not short

Reza a lenda que quando uma mulher muda seu cabelo sua vida muda! #visunovo #undercut #ameii #arrazoo

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Or maybe you want short short!

Extra short on the side!

Hellooo. #neon #statementnecklace #redheads #heterochromia #tattooedgirls #undercut #tramlines #bbloggers #SS15

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Just enough to notice

Fresh #undercut @undercutfeed

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Go for it!

These styles look great and if you’re still unsure, you can always undercut a small section… it will grow back quicker than what you think!


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