All You Need To Know About Baking… And I Don’t Mean The Cake Type!

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OK, so everyone’s talking about the new makeup technique Baking. Also know as cooking. Makeup artists have been using this method for years but it’s finally swooping it on all Bloggers and social media. Many people associate baking and cooking with food but not for much longer! I know some of you right now will be saying, what’s that? Well have no fear… I’m here to tell you all about it!

Do you want flawless looking skin like Kim Kardashian West?

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When you think of baking, you think of putting something in the oven to bake… Don’t do this! This article is about the baking term for makeup which relies on heat from our face so no over/cooker involved! Celebrities use this method to enhance and define their features.

What is makeup baking?

This technique have been around for a long time and it’s not a new thing, although people will think so. It’s just becoming recently popular on social media sites. Drag queens and makeup artists have been using it way before it hit the headlines. Baking aka cooking, helps stops makeup from sweating or creasing under bright lights and for a long period of time. Hence why a lot of celebrities use this technique. It has a long lasting matte finish.



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How does this work?

The first step is to apply your foundation like normal but don’t apply around the eye area. Apply an eye cream or serum to this area. Wait for around 10 minutes for the cream or serum to absorb into the skin before applying the concealer. Use a heavy concealer for this method.

Apply the concealer with a brush or finger. You then need to blend it into your skin and ensure that the edges are blended in too. Apply a second coat of concealer if needed but 1 coat is usually enough. You must ensure that there are no creases before you move onto the next step else the creases will not come out.

Next step is setting the concealer with powder. You need to lightly dust the concealer areas.

Now it’s baking time!

In order for the baking process to work, you need to leave the powder and concealer to set for around 10 minutes (some people leave for as long as 30 mins) You can continue with your other makeup around these areas whilst waiting for them to set.

When you’re ready and you think it’s set, gently brush the powder areas. Make sure all areas are evenly blended.

The baking is now complete so you can continue with your contouring!


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Why use this technique?

Baking is used for reducing the fine lines and wrinkles so you have a flawless looking skin.

Are there any bad points about baking?

As you may have noticed, baking consists of a lot of makeup and I would advise not to use every day due to clogging pores.

When finished, what does it look like?

Take a look at  a few baked faces…


makeup of the day! lid• YDK by @urbandecaycosmetics naked2 center lid•’snakebite’ naked2 outer corner• naked2 ‘busted’ transition color• ‘nooner’ naked3 browbone & tearduct• ‘virgin’ naked palette. brows• @anastasiabeverlyhills dipbrow pomade in ‘chocolate’ foundation• loreal true match shade ‘N4’ @rccosmetics angled kabuki brush to apply the foundation. concealer• @tartecosmetics in ‘light’ setting it with nyc cosmetics smooth skin translucent powder @lauramercier contour kit & cheeks are maybelline dream bouncy blush in ‘candy coral’ highlight• @narsissist ‘albatross’ lips• @nyxcosmetics ‘London’ lashes• créme eyelashes no.747L any questions? ask awayyyy! ?? #motd #eotd #urbandecaycosmetics #maccosmetics #makeupjunkie #lipstickjunkie #makeup #ilovemakeup #lips #eyes #nyxcosmetics #tartecosmetics #rccosmetics #sephora #iluvsarahii #dulcecandy87 #nakedpalettes #maybelline #anastasiabeverlyhills #dipbrow #contour #highlight #conceal #bakingmethod

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Have a go at baking yourself, you never know… you could become a fantastic Baker!


********************************************************************************************************* is baking? The make-up secret to achieving Kim Kardashian’s flawless face If you thought popular beauty trends such as contouring and strobing were enough hard work, then baking may seem like trying to master the Rubix cube.

The technique, also known as cooking, is not exactly a new trend having been adopted by make-up artists (MUAs) for many years but beauty bloggers are now jumping on the bandwagon to achieve their flawless looks.

Although the name suggests putting your expensive make-up products into an oven – please, do not do this – it actually relies on the heat from your face to do the leg work.

Reality star Kim Kardashian may have popularised contouring to chisel her features but she also swears by cooking her face, which is how the fashionista creates that perfect finish.

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