Do You Want A Natural, Flawless Look In Three Minutes?

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We all want that natural, flawless look and to achieve this in 3 minutes is amazing!

In our busy hectic schedules, we are all searching for things to be done quicker and easier. Topshop make-up artist Hannah Murray has just released a make-up tutorial of how to nail the ‘no makeup’ look in just three minutes. This is a simple and easy way to get the flawless look with no bold colours. All she does is use neutral tones of make-up, a small bit of make-up under the eyes, tiny smudge of foundation, light concealer, contour cream, glow sticks for highlighting, blush, eye-shadow, brow pencil, eye-liner, mascara, lipstick and lip gloss.

Here are the steps to define your cheeks and have that gorgeous flawless glow! I know the following steps may look a lot but trust me, once you do this… you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner!

Step 1 sees Hannah apply a tiny amount of foundation to even out the skin.

Step 2 is using the concealer palette and apply directly to the red areas or blemishes.

Step 3 use the lightest of the concealer to apply under your eyes and blend in. This will illuminate this area.

Step 4 Now to start contour and highlighting. As Hannah Murray says, “For killer cheekbones” put a little line of contour cream underneath the cheekbone and then blend.

Hannah Murray applies the contour cream under the cheekbone to define the cheeks.

Step 5 Hannah uses the glow sticks for the highlighting. Take the lightest glow stick and draw an arc shape line above the cheekbones, a line down the nose, above the cupids bow and on the chin.

Hannah applies the glow stick to highlight the cheekbones using an arc effect

Hannah applies the glow stick to highlight the cheekbones using an arc effect

Step 6 Use a little blush to give that rosy glow to the cheeks. Don’t use a bold colour, try a neutral rosy colour if you can to keep to the natural look.

Step 7 Define the brows with a brow pencil.

Define the eyebrows

Step 8 Apply eye-shadow which is a neutral colour.

Step 9 Apply the same colour eye-shadow under your eyes.

Apply the same colour under the eye as on the eye-lid

Step 10 Using a eye-liner pencil, draw a line above the eyelashes to add the feline look, this lengthen the eyes (optional)

Use an eye-liner

Step 11 Apply your mascara.

Step 12 Deepen the eye socket using the same contour cream as before and brush along the socket.

Step 13 Use a neutral colour matt lipstick.

Pat on the lipstick for the natural look

Step 14 Add a little shine to your lips buy adding a neutral tone lip gloss (optional)

The results!

youtube video Topshop

No need to get up at 6am anymore to start your make-up… it takes less than 5 minutes to have a natural, highlighting look. Be sure to check this video out girlies, it could save you a lot of time!


****************************************************************************************************** shows how to nail the ‘no make-up’ look in THREE minutes | Daily Mail Online The point is to¬†accentuate your own natural beauty, with the secret in a little definition on the eye and polished, contoured skin.

the make-up artist uses a highlighting ‘glow’ stick and draws an arc on both sides above the cheekbones

The highlighter is meant to brighten the overall look of the face and catch the light

At the beginning of the tutorial, Hannah starts by blending in a small amount of foundation, using her fingers, and taking care to even the skin tone.

Next, using a concealer palette and a small brush, she applies the concealer directly to any problem areas, like red areas and blemishes.

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