You Have To Try Marilyn Monroe’s Lip-Contouring Tutorial!

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We all think of Marilyn Monroe as a beauty icon, her red luscious lips and that famous white dress. Well that’s that I think anyhow!

Majority of people believe that contouring is a new thing but Marilyn Monroe was doing this back in the 1960’s! She had her contouring lip routine down to a T! Marilyn loved to have fuller lips and to do this she would apply a few different shades of lipstick for depth and dimension.

Makeup Artist¬†Laramie Glen shows the breakdown of Marilyn’s contouring technique.

To show the dramatic difference in using this method and not using this method,you can see below.

The bare and matte are not contouring lips. The contouring lips on the right just shows how much fuller the lips look is you use this procedure. I know which I prefer!

I have given the breakdown of steps below so you can try this MM method!

Step 1

Step 1 – Apply lip liner

First step is to apply your lip liner. To get smooth lips, you could exfoliate beforehand. This makes the lip liner and lipstick glide on better. If you can, use quite a dark lip liner.

Step 2

Step 2 – Apply your base

Apply your base colour.

Step 3

Step 3 – Blend

Blend the colours with a red. Ensure that  the lip liner is blended in.

Step 4

Step 4 – Use a gloss or a highlighter

Use a gloss or a highlighter just in the centre of your bottom lip. This will ensure your lips are the centre of attention!

Step 5

Step 5 – Add a lip balm

To add moisture to your lips, try adding a lip balm. Scented ones work well and they smell fab too!

Step 6 – The final result!

Step 6 – Final Result

Go and strut your stuff with your sexy Marilyn Monroe Lips!



********************************************************************************************************* Monroe Lipstick – Lip Contouring How To Contrary to popular belief, Kim Kardashian is not the pioneer of contouring. In fact, it’s none other than Marilyn Monroe, who used the technique for her famed red pout.

To make her lips appear fuller, Monroe would apply several shades of lip color and gloss to create dimension. Because I, along with the rest of the internet, am fascinated by pop culture’s current fixation on voluptuous lips, I figured it was the perfect time to have a go at the technique myself.

I looked to Laramie Glen, makeup artist and founder of Book Your Look, to break down Monroe’s admittedly complicated technique. And to show just how dynamic the results of lip contouring can be, Glen initially gave me a classic matte red lip (in the middle above) which is usually what I go for. Then for Monroe’s method, she applied darker reds on the outer corners and lighter hues brushed on the middle of my lips.

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