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Accent Paws!

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Accent nails have been around for a while now but there are certain trends that people start to follow.

For all of you who don’t know, accent nails are custom nails. You can show your artistic flare by painted or changing the art of one or two nails. Basically it means, paint your nails one colour then paint one or two nails another colour. It’s that simple. I guess majority of you have┬áprobably heard of it or even done it but just didn’t know it was called accent nails.

There are so many accent nail designs and art to choose from.

Check our the accent nail ideas below and see what catches your eye.

Thumbs with Nail Accent Art
Why not be different and go for the thumbs? To be honest, I haven’t tried to the thumbs, it’s just never occurred to me until now! Start the trend off and make your thumbs stand out with these Accent Arts…

The Pointer (Index) Finger
This finger gets a lot of attention when pointing etc. Make sure it’s good artwork or colour!

Long / Tall / Middle Finger
If you like to use your middle finger for pointing etc (you get my drift) then make sure you make it worth while. You want someone to notice it and say wow her finger looks amazing!

The Ring Finger
The trend is to have this finger painted a different colour or different nail art to your other fingers. This is a great idea for a bride or if you’re newly engaged. This will draw attention to your beautiful ring(s).

Baby / Pinky Finger
This is good if you want to add sprinkles or glitter. It’s a nightmare trying to take off glitter or sprinkle nail polish if you’ve painted all fingers and thumbs! I know sometimes we forget this long winded process and do it all again to look good but why not try one finger and let it be the smallest!
Maybe you just want to try out a new colour and think it’s too harsh, bright or dull for all nails, go for the pinky!

Accent Nail Designs…
Maybe you can’t decide what finger to make special! Why not try some arty designs?

Glitter Accent Nails
Why not add some glam and sparkle…

Black Accent Nails
Why not try adding black for full affect!

Accent Nail Manicure
Add it in your next mani!

Whatever finger or design you choose, have fun with your nails… you never know who’s checking your paws out!

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