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Chipped Nails? Like I Actually Care!

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We’ve all been there… looked down at our gorgeous nails to discover that our nail polish has chipped! Oh great! For the rest of the day, we try and hide our fingers so nobody notices and you only painted them last night! Let’s not kid ourselves, someone always notices and you either see them checking your (what was gorgeous, until a few moments ago) nails out and they say nada or they comment and say ohhh you’ve chipped your nail polish… no crap, Einstein! Same old story, no matter how many tips I read and follow to prevent my nails from chipping, it just happens. I don’t have drastically long nails either. It’s not the nail polish brand either, I’ve got a selection and they all do it. If anyone has a miracle cure, please let me know! Oh, and I don’t wear fake nails or have gel nails so just natural nail tips please!

But apparently there is an on-going trend for chipped nails!

Nobody’s Perfect!

Would you like to be perfect? Imagine if everyone was… It would be a boring world!

I Can Get Stuck In

What’s that, Anna Wintour wants someone to grab her dry cleaning and coffee? I’m there!

We’re Only Human FFS!

Yes, we all have blood running through our veins and live underneath the same big sky… I actually sound like An American Tail now… I love that film!

I Don’t Have The Time

We’re all busy and running hectic scheduled lives so I understand that not everybody has the time to paint their nails every day or go to a beauty salon.

I’m Chilled, I Won’t Have A Diva Fit… Not Yet Anyway!

“So, it must of happened while I was trying to save the world and being a full time Goddess!” That was my reaction when the last person pointed out my chipped nail! It actually doesn’t make any sense but I’m still sticking by it! Go Figure!

I’m Confident Whatever My Nails Look Like!

I have my looks and my figure, who needs perfectly manicured nails?!

As they say, It Was Fun While It Lasted!

Onto the next coat or colour!

Embrace the Chipped Nails…

Even Celebrities Have Been Spotted With Chipped Nails…

Tyra Banks

Marilyn Monroe

Kristen Stewart

Vanessa Hudgens

Lady Gaga

AnnaLynne-McCord (90210 star)

I’ve tried to cheer you up after your awful disaster! I hope I did the job! This is what I tell myself when it happens so don’t be hiding your nails or get a plaster/bandage to hide the damage, what’s done is done… just rock the nails you have! It could be worse, you could be painting these nails…


******************************************************************************************************************* Chipped Nail Polish Is Actually The Perfect Metaphor For Your Life Oh, to be one of those impeccably coiffed, nails-filed-and-buffed-to-precision, gorgeously polished, perfectly MANICURED girls.

They just really seem to have their sh*t together, don’t they?

You know exactly the kind of girl I’m talking about: the girl with the impossibly smooth hair and delicate diamond stud earrings. The girl who arrives 15 minutes early to all her appointments and attains the sort of life management skills that will ensure she’s allotted just enough time to pick up a Starbucks skinny latte on the way.

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