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FAQ: Everything You Need To Know About Aquarium Nails

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New trend alert!!! We all want to keep up with the trending trends and so here’s another one for you… Aquarium Nails!

These have been around for years but are now trending on social media.

I know a lot of you are asking, “What are aquarium nails?” so I’d thought I’d tell you all about them here.

Before you start to read below, try not guess what they are because they have absolutely nothing to do with fish unless you add fish shapes!

What are Aquarium Nails?

They’re fake nails which look like a glitter/snow globe when you move. So think about a snow globe when you shake it (whether it be snow or a glitter globe) and this is what your nails look like when wearing aquarium nails.

How do I create Aquarium Nails?

Aquarium nails are made by layers and gluing. You need 2 fake nails per nail and these are glued together. You need fill the space that’s between them with water (or baby oil) and either glitter, shapes or anything of your choice that will move around (again think glitter globe) After you have filled in the space and you are happy with the design, you then need to seal the edges with glue so nothing falls out or leaks! That would be embarrassing.

Tips: Please ensure you design and finish the aquarium nails before them to your own nails.

You could use shapes, glitter, sequins, hearts or anything that suits your character.

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Do I have to go to a beauty salon to get aquarium nails?

No, if you’re used to having fake nails and applying at home yourself, then you can do this anytime at home. Just ensure you have the correct nails and accessories for the aquarium nails.

What’s the difference between fake nails and aquarium nails?

For aquarium nails, you use 2 fake nails per nail so in total per hand, you use 10 fake nails and for a full set of aquarium nails, you use 20 nails.

Fake nails, you only use 10 for a full set.

Also you get the glitter/snow globe affect with the aquarium nails.

You can either use the whole fake nail or just the tips that will float around.

Can anyone use have aquarium nails?

Like I mentioned above, if you are used to fake nails then yes. If you have never worn fake nails and if you have any allergies, I would consult your doctor first. This is just  a precaution due to the nails, accessories and glue being used.

What do you suggest for the space filler?

I love glitter and stars, so I would probably use these. Try and match your personality with your fillings. Do not forget to use either water or baby oil so that the glitter (or whatever you decide on) can float around.

Here are a few ideas for your designs:

youtube video realestlady23

youtube video AlexGlossyNails

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