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It’s All About Red, Pink & Nude Paws For Any Skin Tone

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Summer is here and yes of course that means showing off your gorgeous nails! Let’s face it everyone, nails are the thing we most check out when someone’s holding that champagne glass!

Red, pink and nude colours look fab on any skin tone and even if you have short nails. Kim Kashdashian West loves short nails and to be honest, I have to agree. Especially when you’re out and about, typing all day, the last thing you need is to have a broken nail every day! Short nails are in fashion girlies! Not the biting type though! Sorry but they’re just too short!

So anyway, let’s got back to the colours!

I’ve picked a few of the best red, pink and nude colours for you to view (and maybe go out and buy)

I’ve tried to give you an insight to what these colours look like on long and short nails in case you’re still a lover of the long claws!

There are so many good brands out there… try and see for yourself.

Sexy Reds
Here you can see the stunning red polish with short nails and different skin tones. Equally all look fab!

Blooming Pink
If you’re feeling girly and want the fresh Summer colour, take a look at these.

Nude Bare Look
This is such a classic and elegant colour. These look chic!

Which is your favourite colour?

********************************************************************************************************************** Shades Of Red, Pink And Nude Polish That Will Pop On Any Skin Tone Summer means sensory overload, in the very best way.

After such a harsh winter and a muted palette, summer feeds our eyes and noses as much as it does our need for change. It’s only fitting, then, that one of the greatest joys of the season comes from breaking out the brightest, most beautiful colors.

Gone are the blue jeans, replaced by botanical prints and wildly-colored lipsticks.

And, of course, no summer is complete without the perfect shade of nail polish.

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