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Nails Motivated By Food!

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We all want our nails to look fab and unique. We love it when someone comments how lovely our nails are having spent hours making them look good but have you ever looked at your food and wondered what it would look like painted on your nails? Ever been inspired by food for your next creation of nail art?

These styles are definitely unique and have a twist. Food combined with nail art is trending big time in Japan.

I’ve often looked at a cute muffin in pastel girly colours and thought about the colour being on my nails but not the cake design. It takes a steady hand and patience to do these kind of designs especially on your nails. Maybe you can buy templates which would make it soooo much easier, well sort off! If you wear fake nails, you could always work on the nail before gluing to on, that way you get a better angle.

Over the rainbow…
This is a mixture of colours using ombre technique (blending colours from light to dark)

Anyone order sprinkles?
I love sprinkles! All the lovely different colours with the white tips (for the cake) and the cluster of glitter to represent the sprinkles on the cake.

Drip drip
This is art! It looks effective.

Melting ice cream
A mixture of different colours to serve as the melted ice cream.

Donuts all round!
These nails look fab with the nail stud for that extra touch!

Sweeties Galore
Which is your favourite?

If you’re not hungry now, you will be!

Junk Food & Drinks
Hmmm burgers!

Will you be trying any of these foodie nails? Just looking at these is making me hungry! On that note, I need food!

**************************************************************************************************************** delicious nail art designs inspired by dessert Summertime treats come in many shapes and forms: ice cream sandwiches, popsicles, fro yo and, now, nail art. This new Japanese nail trend will sweeten your sizzling summer outfits.

A mix of two Japanese styles, kawaii and decora, it’s inspired by desserts, fusing bright neons seen in treats like popsicles with pared down ice cream pastels. Add a stud or two for a sugary topping that transforms your nails into a sundae delight.

Try out these new shades and colors on your own. We had nail artist Jess Tong give us the lowdown on how to get the perfect candy stripes.

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