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Time To Look After Your Feet!

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With Summer here, it can only mean one thing… sandal season!!!

OMG! There’s nothing worse than having to take your shoes off and revealing your unloved cracked heels, bunions, corns or blisters! I know sometimes we can’t help this but we all think the same when it comes to this situation.

We need to appreciate our feet because they carry us many miles on a daily basis so you need to look after them!

Here’s a few tips to get your lovely (or soon to be) feet ready for 365 days exposure!

1) Corns, blisters and bunions, Oh My! That sexy favourite pair of shoes you have are cute and on-trend but your feet agonise for it. Majority of foot complaints are due to mistreatment and neglect. All three foot conditions can be helped or prevented by wearing the comfortable footwear. The American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) advises using over the counter creams (avoiding acid preparations) and exfoliating products on corns. Don’t break blisters. If you find it’s broken, wash with soap and water; apply antiseptic ointment and cover up to prevent infection. If you have bunions, try wearing shoes that have a wide toe box and consulting your podiatrist.

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2) Keep your feet clean by washing and drying between your toes. Ensure you dry them well to prevent bacteria and fungi. Bacteria thrives in damp areas. If you can, give your shoes time to air and dry between wearing.

3) Do you suffer from Athlete’s Foot or any other fungal conditions? If so, Dr. Scholls Foot Centre suggest that you DO NOT REUSE your towel during treatment. Bacteria can lie resting for up to 4 weeks so this will stay on the towel for a while. Athletes Foot is contagious and can be caught in swimming pool, the gym, communal showers and anywhere a person’s bare foot will come in contact with the floor so be aware of this.

4) If you are having a DIY home pedicure, try soaking your feet for about 10 minutes in 1 cup of Epsom Salt or sea salt with water in a foot tub or bowl. Great method for softening skin, eliminating odour and soothing tired sore feet.

5) When clipping your toenails, make sure you clip them with a straight-edge toenail clipper. You don’t want your nails to become curved or rounded in the corners.

6) If you have a lot of build-up under your toenails, wooden or rubber manicure sticks are best to use. These can be purchased from any local store or supermarket. Don’t use a sharp tool to clean under your nail with because it may puncture the skin and leave it vulnerable to infection.

7) Use an emery board to level nail edges. File gently in one direction without drastically rounding the corners of the nail. The emery board file should only be used to smooth the edge of the nail and not to scrape the nail’s surface. This will damage the nail. If you have clipped your nails quite short, try not to file your skin, this can cause redness and it will be sore!

8) Leave your cuticles, don’t cut away at them. They serve as a protective barrier against bacteria entering the body and should never be cut.

9) Exfoliate your feet. Use an exfoliating product to prevent or remove hard skin from your feet. There are so many types of foot exfoliating treatments out there for you to choose, from pumice stones to handheld files. If you’re unsure which one to buy, do a little research online first. Next time you’re having a soak in the bath, scrub your feet and heels with your product to keep them soft and smooth. I like to have a soak first then do this after about 10 minutes or so. This way, your feet are easier to exfoliate.

10) If you’re fussy like me, take your own personal pedicure tools/equipment as some cheaper beauty salons use the same tools on everyone and I dread to think what kind of feet they come across daily! If you are using your tools at home, make sure you wash them every time you use them with an antibacterial soap to get rid of any bacteria.

11) Ever gotten a pedicure and within 5 days you found that the polish has rubbed off your baby toe? This is due to excess rubbing inside your shoe. The answer is to use your own polish so you can touch up a toe or two in between your booked pedicure.

12) If you tend to have very dry skin use an ultra-moisturising lotion or cream on your feet. The best time to apply is after a bath or shower. Then place socks on your feet. This will make your feet extra smooth the following morning and ready for your flip-flops!

13) When you’re wearing open toe sandals, flip-flops or going barefoot on the beach, don’t forget to use sunscreen on the top and bottoms of your feet. This is one thing people always forget and I wouldn’t even like to think about how sun burn feels on your feet, especially the soles! Ouch! Don’t forget to reapply after coming out of the swimming pool or sea!

14) Go and book a foot massage! Treat your feet to an in-home or at a professional beauty salon massage. They will love this! If you are booking an appointment at a local beauty salon, schedule for first thing in the morning. They are cleanest earlier in the day.

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15) Don’t apply nail polish to unhealthy toe nails. The polish will lock out moisture and doesn’t allow the nail or the nail bed to “breathe.” Also remember to remove the polish regularly.

By following these tips you’ll be ready to feel the grass, beach or surf beneath your feet within no time!

Just remember your feet can look fab all year round with a little TLC and comfortable foot wear. By taking care of your feet today, you will prevent future problems so don’t delay… start today!

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