5 Fashion Elements From the 50’s to the 90’s That Need To Come Back Around!

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Vintage and retro clothing are getting more and more popular. I’m a firm believer in fashion looping round so I tend to keep (what I think) will be coming back round. I do wear vintage and retro clothing and I get more more compliments when I do than when I wear new clothes. It makes you stand out from the crowd and you don’t feel like a “follower” of fashion. Don’t get me wrong, I love to follow fashion and be on-trend but it’s good to be different. I like to make my own fashion then people start to follow me.

Your clothes show your characteristics and style so why should you hold back and not wear what you like. I’ve looked back from the 1950’s to 1990’s and found the best fashion items from these decades that need to loop back round. I think a few may already be on-trend so I’m correct… fashion does loop but with a modern twist!

1950’s High Waist Shorts
Whether they are denim or cotton, great look! Taylor Swift is a huge fan of high waist shorts.

I completely agree with the original article on this point – really don’t do it!

What not to do: Refrain from buying a pair in your exact size. Try going a size bigger so your shorts don’t get a case of the munchies — AKA eating your crotch.

Taylor Swift

Alexa Chung

1960’s Shift Dress
Think Jackie O (Kennedy) and Audrey Hepburn! Shift dresses are so chic and simple. No need to over accessorize with this dress.

Jackie O (Kennedy)

Kate Moss

Laura Whitmore

Victoria Beckham

Alexa Chung


1970’s Flares
Whether you call them flares or bell bottoms, these are making their way back!

Jessica Alba

Kylie Jenner

1980’s Classic Denim Jacket
I love denim jackets, especially when they are oversized!

Miley Cyrus

Katie Holmes


Alexa Chung

1990’s Go for the Cropped Top (aka Belly Top, Tummy Top, Half Shirt)
Show off your abs with a simple crop top.

Taylor Swift


Kim Kardashian West

So whether you want to channel the 1940’s or the 1990’s, do it with style!

****************************************************************************************************************** 5 Best Fashion Items From Each Decade You Should Be Wearing Now We Millennials are the most gifted of all the fashion generations. Why?

Because we don’t just follow the trends; we recreate them. We are the first to take styles from past decades and rock them all at the same time.

They say this is the summer of the 70s, but why stop there?

Just like any classic movie-loving cinephile, a well-rounded fashionista knows each decade has great material for inspiration.

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