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We all love Sex and The City and The City with all the different fashion outfits! Carrie Bradshaw has an amazing wardrobe and it seems to be the same for Sarah Jessica Parker!

I’ve gathered a few of SJP’s (and a few of Carrie Bradshaw’s) best outfits for you and want you to (hopefully) get a few ideas for yourself! Mostly casual but I’ve thrown in a few dressy outfits to add to the mix.

Going for the minimal casual look

Simple and effective!

Flashback from the 80’s! You could wear this now and be on-trend!

In casual trainers

Gingham check shirt, tight cuffed jeans with heels

On-trend dungarees!

I’m loving the tight dress and nude colour sandals

You can never wear enough necklaces!

SATC tutu moment! Gorgeous! 

SJP in Alexander McQueen

Lovely black and white check wrap

Sexy and chic!

I love everything about this outfit!

A long cardigan with long socks! Perfect!

I came across so many different and wonderful outfits that Carrie and SJP have worn so I will be doing a part 2 soon!

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