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French fashion is a passion of mine. Parisian style is so elegant and chic. It looks like they haven’t even tried to look good, they just do! She wakes up in the morning, throws on whatever she finds and out the door she goes. Hmmm, but does she? She might spend the previous evening planning her outfit, like me! What can I say, I like to plan ahead! If I don’t, I kind of wished I did the following morning. Too many clothes to sift though and half the time I forget what I have in the wardrobe.

If you fancy having a French Parisian feel to your style, then check my tips below. You’re be a Parisian Goddess in no time!

1) Wear a Breton Striped Top

It was Coco Chanel that kicked off the striped top fashion and we haven’t looked back since! Simple, fresh and looks great!

2) Wear cropped trousers

Show off your ankle bone with a pair of gorgeous cropped trousers.

3) Wear a Trench Coat or a Mac.

These coats will keep you fashionable and stylish.

4) Don’t overthink it.

Keep it simple and basic.


5) Wear a pair of glamorous sunglasses

Sunshine or rain, wear your shades and look stunning

6) Wear a stunning hat…

Floppy hats will go with anything

7) Or when in Paris, go for the Beret!


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I absolutely love the elegance and the simplicity. You don’t need rails of clothes in your wardrobe to show off your Parisian style, keep it simple.

Why not try it out? Remember you can bring Parisian fashion to wherever you live, doesn’t have to be in France!

*********************************************************************************************************** Style How-To: Pretty Parisian Chic | Glam Radar French women are known for many things, but they are widely popular for their distinct sense of style. Simple yet elegant, this trend is fondly called ‘Parisian Chic.’ If you want to take this to the streets – or just wow everybody in the office – then here are some tips that can help you achieve Parisian chic right at your own hometown.

A striped top is very basic for most, but it is the fundamental piece for those who want to channel a Parisian chic style. Simple yet stylish, a striped top can keep you modishly warm this cold season.


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