Pretty In Pink!

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When we think of the colour pink, we tend to associate it with girly things and Pink Panther? Maybe pink was your favourite colour as a child and still is! Nowadays it isn’t just a girls colour, men seem to be wearing pink too.

I love the colour pink. My wardrobe consists of all different shades of pink. From baby pink to shocking pink and they’re all fab! When I wear my shocking pink jumper, I feel so fresh, vibrant and energized. It somehow makes me feel great and cheery before I even leave the house.

Why don’t you spruce up your wardrobe this year with pink! If you’re not feeling the bright pinks, go for a softer shade and you never know, you might end up loving shocking pink and wonder why you didn’t before.

As Aerosmith said is their Pink song…

Pink it’s not even a question!

Pastel pink

Go for the softer pinks…

Alexa Chung is a gorgeous girly pencil pastel pink skirt

Kate Moss in pastel pink trousers

Kate Middleton Duchess of Cambridge 

Felicity Jones


Bright Pink

Feeling the vibrancy and energy? Wear bright shocking pink

Sarah Jessica Parker (SJP) as Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City 

Blake Lively in a stunning shocking pink dress

Gwen Stefani rocking a bright pink and black trouser suit at the MTV Music Awards 2014

If you’re not feeling an all pink outfit, team it with another colour…


Soft pale pink look amazing with a stripe t-shirt

Jessica Alba in a cute layered skirt

Jamie Chung

Sandra Bullock

sourceBring some colour to your Summer this year with a gorgeous pink outfit!

So girlies, bring some colour to your Summer this year with a gorgeous pink outfit!


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