Want To Be A Stylish Jetsetter?

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When it comes to traveling, we are want to look and feel great. Whether you’re flying short or long haul, you have to feel confident and relaxed in what you’re wearing.

There’s nothing worse than having to drag your bag(s) around the airport plus your handbag with heels on, you start to get a little hot and frustrated and realise you’re wearing too many layers. This is awful and then maybe you want to do a little duty free shopping but can’t be bothered! This is not a good start to your journey.

For a weekend away, I would say keep to a one bag limit, maybe a holdall or cabin size. This is always a good idea but sometimes you want to take more. The thing is, you never need all the clothes you pack… I know this from experience. I like to pack as many outfit options as possible but then you have to think about carrying/pulling your bag everywhere. Plan your outfits and don’t change your mind.

For the journey, I would wear something simple. Maybe skinny jeans (if you feel comfortable wearing jeans) or leggings (always a winner) with a tee or a light jumper. If you have a lightweight scarf, maybe you could wear this too, the plane does get a little chilly sometimes. Don’t wear something you feel too restricted in. Onepiece, Onesies, are a no go…  I don’t think I have to explain why! Wear socks! You don’t want to be walking bare foot through security! It’s usually policy that we have to remove our footwear for security checks so if you can, I would suggest wearing socks. Another thing to remember while passing through security is not to wear fussy strappy shoes if possible. These can be a pain to take off and on again, plus easier to take off on the plane! If you think you’ll be cold on the plane, maybe pack a nice small blazer in your cabin luggage so you can unpack it after security. Try not to wear too much jewellery.We are always told to remove watches, bracelets etc before entering security. This way, it’s a lot quicker to the other side!

I thought I’d give you a few airport outfit ideas…

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Carey Mulligan

Cate Blanchett

Nicole Richie

Lauren Conrad

Candice Swanepoel

Alexa Chung

Emma Watson

Jessica Alba

Jessica Hart


Jourdan Dunn

Zoe Kravitz


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