Are You A Fashionista?

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Are you a sucker for Fashion? I know I am!

What can I say… I adore clothes. In my opinion you can never have too many! I have quite a lot of dresses, t-shirts, vests, jumpers, long sleeve tops, short sleeve shirts, long sleeve shirts, trousers, cropped trousers, jeans, ripped jeans… I could go on for a very long time. My biggest collection would have to be coats/jackets and shoes. Shoes are ok because they’re quite small and you can keep them in drawers etc but coats and jackets are quite big so you can imagine the spillage! I do have a coat/jacket separate wardrobe to my clothes but the space in there kind of went the day I got the wardrobe. I also have a great collection of trainers, running and Yoga outfits… I get so excited about buying these! I just can’t help myself. It’s good to have a selection!

Do you think your a Fashionista and a Fashion Victim? Check out these steps and see what your outcome is.

1. You’re spilling out of your wardrobe
Do you think it’s time to find more space or get rid of a few clothes? Hmmmmm…..

2. No matter how much you tend to buy, you always find space.
This is exactly what I do! I go shopping and don’t think of my full wardrobe but somehow it fits in!

19 Signs You're A Fashion Victim

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I’m sure there’s space to squeeze my new tee in there!

3. You go shopping and don’t intend to buy anything but then you see something that grabs your eye!
You don’t go out to buy anything specific, yet you come home with something new! Do you need it?

19 Signs You're A Fashion Victim

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4. This will be the last thing I buy for a long time!
I’m hearing you say that because I say that too! Is it true?

19 Signs You're A Fashion Victim


5. Sometimes I wake up and think I don’t have anything to wear!
People laugh when I say this but some days, I really have some kind of mind block. I look in my wardrobe and think, hmmm I don’t know what to wear.

19 Signs You're A Fashion Victim

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6. You find yourself looking through magazines, the Internet etc for ideas. 
The thing is, you find something you don’t have!

19 Signs You're A Fashion Victim

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7. You’re online on a daily basis looking at your favourite shops to see if they have anything new.
Do you think they have new stock every day?

19 Signs You're A Fashion Victim


8. Get home from a long day to find this!
It makes your day!

9. You check for your size, only to find out it’s sold out! OMG!
Why does my size have to be so popular!

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10. Going to a party this weekend?
This requires a new outfit!

11. Shopping! Let’s celebrate!

12. When you do go shopping for something you actually need, you tend to buy something else too!
We’ve all done it!

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13. You tell yourself, it’s an investment for the future!

14. Everyone seems to think that my tops look the same.
They’re different, really they are.

15. You see someone in the street wearing something that looks fab!
You run up to them and ask them where they got it from and go buy it!

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16. The new clothes you just bought, are now your best and favourite clothes in the World!

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17. You don’t need more clothes? Huh? Of course you do.
This is what you think when people say they aren’t buying more clothes.

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18. Compliments? Yes I do love them.
Who doesn’t?

19. Of course you dress good for yourself and not to please others!
This is all that matters.

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So how did you do? Are you a Fashion Victim? I’m not to keen on the word victim so I call myself a Fashionista and I’m happy with that!

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************************************************************************************************************************* Signs You’re A Fashion Victim 19 Signs You’re A Fashion Victim
You can never have too many hangers.

1. Your wardrobe is full to bursting.
2. But somehow you always find a way to squeeze something new in.
3. You don’t know why but occasionally you will see an item of clothing and just NEED it.
4. You sometimes think that if you just get one more thing, you’ll have your ideal wardrobe and you’ll never have to buy anything ever again.

Flo Perry
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