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Spring/Summer is here and sometimes it can still get a little chilly, hence why we need a light jacket to wear.

You have a look out the window to see what the weather’s like and you can see the sunshine beaming down and you think it’s hot… you get outside and it’s windy! The wind is quite breezy so you run back and grab your lightweight Flight Bomber jacket… solved!

This is the perfect jacket for SS and AW. In AW, you can team it with a chunky jumper and jeans.

1. Add some colour to your outfit with this gorgeous orange jacket.

2. Why not try this collarless jacket?

Skinny or slim jeans is a must for this else the outfit can look frumpy.

3. Team with some Chelsea Boots, shades and a hat…

Perfect for day wear and you can roll it over to evening wear too!

4. For those early morning cold breezy days…

Lovely cosy jumper underneath.

5. Mix and match with florals…

Go for a bright colour jacket with patterned trainers.

6. Pastel pink jacket with silver shoes look fab!

7. Oversized is so on-trend!

8. Navy jackets look fresh with a nautical stripe tee

9. Going out tonight and want to take a small jacket?

10. Go for a panel jacket to add colour and to stand out

11. Simple and casual

12. Team with leather look leggings and Brogues…

13. Add a Tartan scarf…

14. Go for patterns or prints…

15. Go for the urban satin look…

This jacket is a “must have” for this year. Men and women are wearing them, that’s how fashionable they are.

Be sure to get out there and show off yours!

*********************************************************************************************************** Ways to Wear a Light Flight Jacket — The Cut 15 Ways to Wear a Light Flight Jacket
Perfect for a chilly spring night.

It’s finally about that time of year when you can just throw on a light jacket and walk out the door. With the sporty outerwear trend at its peak, this week, we saw bloggers around the world wearing flight jackets in all kinds of colors and fabrics. In Paris, Alice and Alex went for alternatives to the style’s typical army-green with bright, silky yellow and lavender versions, while in Nashville, Mary wore one in powdery-blue quilt. See more ways to pair a sporty bomber with any outfit this spring in our slideshow.

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