12 Best Dress Styles To Wear This Summer

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Time to get your Summer dresses out girlies!

It’s that time of year again when you either have to shop for new dresses or pull the old dresses out from the back of your wardrobe! Some people pull the old ones out and still go shopping for more… I’m guilty of that! I do find that a lot of Summer dresses loop round in fashion so that’s why I tend not to throw any away. It’s the same with skirts and shorts. I’m definitely feeling stripes and floral prints this year!

It’s always good to air your legs and to feel the sun beaming down on them. Make sure you exfoliate and shave beforehand!

1) Maxi (long) dresses
These are great for casual or evening wear. Loose on the legs and feel airy.


2) Midi (mid length) dresses
Want to feel a little dressy? Go for a wiggle style dress that comes down to the knees.

3) Beach Summer dresses
Perfect for wearing over your bikini.

4) Fun & Flirty dresses
Frills, high-lows, floaty, florals… anything goes with fun and flirty dresses. Think thin material.

5) Pure white dresses
Team with absolutely anything! A lovely nautical or leather jacket would be perfect for the cooler evenings.

6) Chic black dresses
Whoever said you can’t wear black in the Summer, they were wrong! Wear with a gorgeous oversized hat to add colour if you’re feeling dull.

7) Gorgeous floral or striped dresses
You can’t go wrong with a floral print dress in Summer! I love the Nautical striped theme! I have so many different striped dresses.

8) Mini dresses
Show off your sexy legs with a mini dress!

9) Oversized dresses
Want to feel free and not tight? Wear an oversized stunning dress.

10) Shirt dresses
Perfect for casual wear turn evening wear! Wear with maybe a statement necklace and wedges if going out.

11) Evening wear dresses
Summer is all about dresses, whatever styles they are… make your dressy dresses look effortless and chic!

12) Strappy dresses
Think of the 90’s when the thin straps were big time! Well they are back… go and grab your thin strap dress and party the night away!

These are just a few ideas for Summer dresses. Whether you like floaty, long, mini, tulip, or puff dresses, go out there rocking with confidence but always remember to wear sun cream!

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http://thefashiontag.com/2014/06/23/12-dresses-styles-for-summer/12 Dresses Styles To Wear This Summer | Fashion Tag Blog If clothes had a Beauty Pageant Contest my money would be on DRESSES. Just think about it:  are they not the one piece we always go to when we wanna be headache-free style wise? Unlike jeans or tops or skirts, which all require a pairing item, dresses… you just need to slap ’em a pair of shoes and a bag, and finito! Also, they go in any season and for any occasion.

But thank God there is no such contest, otherwise we’d probably end up in marshmallows, cupcakes and candies, and I’m not talking sweets, but dresses so sweet it’d either make normal people throw up, or 40 year old women who’d wear them look well… ridiculous. And that’s a very nice way of putting it. Courtesy of the times we’re in though, everything can live side by side with anything, and when it comes to dresses, this summer screams so many styles it’s a blessing.

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