24 Bold Vintage Dresses That Are Crying Out Power!

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This article is all about powerful dress and how they can tell stories. The bigger the dress, the better… Well in this article anyway! Imagine someone wearing these dresses and what her thoughts would be whilst doing so. You can understand how a dress like this would influence your mood and mind… I’m sure anyone wearing these dresses would feel the same. Powerful, elegant, sophisticated, authoritative, dominant and of course glamorous! I also think they would help with posture! When wearing a dress like this or a dress you feel great in, you walk completely different and with confidence.

1. Sequins and a Cape, what more could you ask for? If you take the cape off, the power is still there and coming off strong from the sequin dress.

Designed by Chanel evening dress, 1930.

2. Nude Peacock Feather Dress – This is screaming out for attention…look at me everyone! I  ooze power and elegance.

Designed by Alexander McQueen AW 2008/2009

3. Chic and simple. A simple dress that shows off curves with a smooth chic finish.

Evening dress attributed to Adrian ca. 1948-52

pinterest.com / Via fripperiesandfobs.tumblr.com

4. Previously worn by Queen Soraya… yes darling, Queen!

Designed by Emilio Schuberth and worn by Queen Soraya of Iran in 1953.

muenchner-stadtmuseum.de / Via fripperiesandfobs.tumblr.com

5. Loom with power with this short dress

Evening dress,1924

6. Let the bling hypnoses you while I gain more power!

Lanvin evening dress ca. 1925

pinterest.com / Via fripperiesandfobs.tumblr.com

7.  Feel the power and see for yourself.

Evening ensemble ca. 1929

8. Let me dazzle you

Evening dress, 1936

czechdesign.cz / Via fripperiesandfobs.tumblr.com

9. Quite frankly, I do not care! I have this beautiful dress and that’s all I need!

10. Dyed dress with claret. This used to be pure white until I went to battle.

Redingote, 1810’s

emuseumplus.lsh.se / Via fripperiesandfobs.tumblr.com

11. This my darling, is mine now. I like this so much, you will not be getting it back!

Gallenga cape ca. 1914-20

12. Do you know who I am? I can do what I like!

This dress was designed by Edith Head for Ginger Rogers in Lady in the Dark (1944)

It is one of the most expensive dresses ever made.

13. My twelve tiers show off my supremacy. Nobody will come near me.

Vionnet evening dress, 1922

14. My weapons are all stored in a safe place. Look how beautiful this is.

“Petal” by Charles James, 1951

arizonacostumeinstitute.com / Via fripperiesandfobs.tumblr.com

15. When you rule the World, velvet is so straightforward.

Evening dress, 1890’s

emuseumplus.lsh.se / Via fripperiesandfobs.tumblr.com

16. Yes, I am your dark Queen. Now listen to my orders.

Evening dress ca. 1908

emuseumplus.lsh.se / Via fripperiesandfobs.tumblr.com

emuseumplus.lsh.se / Via fripperiesandfobs.tumblr.com

17. All these creases indicate how many countries I have power over. Yes, the creases are all over the back of the dress too… Go figure!

Madame Grès evening dress, 1965

filepmotwary.com / Via fripperiesandfobs.tumblr.com

18. From morbid to crowning

Balenciaga evening dress ca. 1952

cristobalbalenciagamuseoa.com / Via fripperiesandfobs.tumblr.com

cristobalbalenciagamuseoa.com / Via fripperiesandfobs.tumblr.com

19. A rose for all the people I have touched over time

A Catherine Walker dress worn by Princess Diana in 1992 for her State visit to Korea.


20. Do I care about the pain I cause? What a silly question.

Balenciaga cocktail dress ca. 1957

21. Always a Queen, never a Princess!

Japanese rope for the Western market ca. 1885

collections.lacma.org / Via fripperiesandfobs.tumblr.com

22. My robe is better than your best outfit!

Japanese robe for the Western market, late 19th – early 20th century

23. Look at me now losers! Who said I wouldn’t make it?! Big, big, big mistake… huge!

chateau-malmaison.fr / Via fripperiesandfobs.tumblr.com

24. Women rule the World!

Worth tea gown, 1895

paris.fr / Via fripperiesandfobs.tumblr.com – 1985

As you can see from this and the original post, these dresses are out to impress for World domination! Would you like to wear such dominant dresses?

Whether you love or loather them, they are art! From the short simple dress to the sexy dress designed by Edith Head, you have to appreciate the art and detail the dress shows. A lot of thought and design were behind these styles. They are all beautiful in their own way.


24 Fierce Gowns That Scream World Domination 24 Fierce Gowns That Scream World Domination
Be the Khaleesi you want to be.

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