Flying High With Natural Material Scarves

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Want to look different in a printed bird scarf? Then these are for you.

Roza Khamitova has made these beautifully printed bird scarf that can be worn as a shawl to show off the full print.  They are made from non-toxic materials and are recyclable which is unique. The wing detail that the Designer has shown is very intricate and stunning.

To me, there’s something mystical about birds and to have them printed on a scarves is a fab idea!

It really does look like you have wings!


***************************************************************************************************************************** Beautiful Scarves Will Give You Wings | Bored Panda Birds are a popular motif in women’s fashion, and Roza Khamitova, a Melbourne-based fashion designer originally from Kazakhstan, has created a series of scarves that definitely exploit the bird motif in a creative way.

The designs used on these digitally printed scarves were hand-painted by Roza, who maintains an Etsy e-shop called “Shovava” highlighting her work.

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