70’s Maxi is back

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The 70’s are back… well the Maxi 70’s skirt is according to Vogue! It’s been all over the Catwalk now it’s hitting the High Street.

This elegant skirt has a slit at the front and even the patchwork version is on-trend! Who would have thought that patchwork would make a comeback?! The tan and denim patchwork like the ones below are everywhere at the moment. From Alexa Chung to Olivia Palermo, all have been seen in a tan version.

The key to wearing this skirt is to keep it simple. Don’t go overboard! Use the classic colour of the skirt to be the centre of attention.

One key thing to remember is not to make this outfit look frumpy. It’s easily done with an oversized top or flat shoes. Try and make your legs look longer by adding a small/mid heel. Keep the emphasis on the skirt itself.

Show everyone that you can rock this style!


******************************************************************************************************************************* skirts & fashion trends 2015 – Spring/summer ( The reason behind countless column discussions on it (even Jane Asher chimed in – she’s not a fan if you were wondering) is because it taps into one of the season’s biggest trends and, as such, is deemed to be the high-street buy of spring/summer 2015.

Because the thing about this shape and style of skirt is that it says “the Seventies” instantly. Its shorter A-line relative resonated more with the shimmy and shake of the Sixties and naughtiness of Nineties and so it’s really up to you how far you want to embrace the decade. A first place to start experimenting could, of course, be Marks & Spencer (they do a long straight denim skirt too), but there are more options besides out there – MiH and Frame Denim especially.

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