Rock Your Modern Denim Skirt

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We all know that denim skirts comes back into fashion at some point but sometimes it’s hard to dress without outfit ideas.

For me, denim skirts are quite casual but can be worn in the evenings too with the right top, footwear and accessories. There’s so many celebrities wearing double denim, this is a trending look.

You can make your skirt look retro and modern just by your top or shoes. Just to remind you that this article is about how to make your denim skirt look modern!

From the original article, there are tips on how to ensure you look great in your skirt. I do agree with these steps so have a read through and see what you think.

  • Take inspiration from the minimalist trend for a sleek, streamlined look.

  • Keep accessories simple, without too many frills or bright colors.

  • Stick with a neutral color palette to let the denim stand out.

  • Play with length  don’t be afraid to layer long cardigans or jackets over a shorter skirt.

  • Steer away from other ’70s-inspired pieces (unless you’re going for a retro look, in which case, disregard this article).

Here are 3 ways to make your denim skirt look fab!

1. Don’t over think your outfit… less is sometimes more!
Maybe a plain t-shirt or lightweight jumper with heels. This is a simple, chic look.

denim skirt and white tee

Wear colourful flat shoes

2. Rock your skirt with trainers or sporty shoes.
If you’re going to be walking round all day or going to a party/bbq where you’ll be standing for quite a while, I would opt for the comfy shoes… trainers!

denim skirt, graphic tee, leopard shoes

Kylie Jenner

3. Might as well go double denim!
A few people still to this day, do not wear double denim but I think it looks good. You have to feel it else you won’t be giving off a good vibe so get stuck in and rock it!

Olivia Palermo



Which is your favourite? For something different (if you don’t already wear DD) go for the double denim and you’ll be surprised how many people compliment you!


3 Modern Ways to Wear a Denim Skirt
Try out the trend– without looking like you just stepped out of a time machine from 1979.

As you’ve probably noticed, denim has once again been a big trend this season, with everything from wide-leg flare jeans to chambray shirtdresses. But the denim skirt (which, if you’re me, you haven’t owned since kindergarten) has also made a comeback on runways, in magazines, and on your favorite style blogs.

Yet, with the wrong styling, it’s easy to make the denim skirt look frumpy or outdated… so how do you make it look modern and on-trend? You’re about to find out.
Tips & Tricks for Rocking a Denim Skirt

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