100 Best Celebrity & Royal Wedding Dresses

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Have you got a favourite celebrity wedding dress? From Kate Middleton to Audrey Hepburn, they all are on this list below!

When it comes to choosing your wedding dress, you look for inspiration all around and this includes celebrities!

When celebs get married, they tend to have a Designer custom made gown that people fall in love with and want it for their wedding. That is when the High Street boutiques start to get new stock and have similar looking dresses to the ones you see on TV and in the magazines. This is great because it gives you more variety and options to choose from when you visit the shop. Gone of the days when you would visit a wedding dress shop and not have many styles to choose from… nowadays people get married in all sorts of outfits! That’s the great thing about having a selection to choose from, you get to incorporate your style and character to your dress. If someone wants to get married in a black wedding dress, then there’s many shops that stock this colour now and in many shapes too. Wedding dresses seem to have opened up a whole new wardrobe on colours, fits, styles and it doesn’t even have to be a dress! You can choose a trouser suit or a two-piece outfit.

Illustrator Pauline Dujancourt teamed up with Vashi the diamond expert to show off 100 of the best celebrity wedding gowns. You can see who wore the gown, the date and the designer. It is amazing to see all the drawings below that Pauline created and it must have taken hours to do!

Take a look and see which is your cherished one or maybe you have a few!

Here’s Kim Kardashian West trying on her wedding dress to Kanye West in 2014.

A stunning long lacey dress designed by Givenchy designer Riccardo Tisci. This is elegant and gorgeous.

Pauline’s illustration of Kim’s dress.

We all remember the Royal wedding, Prince William and Kate Middleton. This is a gorgeous long sleeve lace gown designed by Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen.

You can see all the tiny details on the top half of the gown and the bottom. Lovely lace cut.

And here’s Pauline Dujancourt’s drawing of Kate Middleton’s dress.

Actress, Singers, Royals, among others are on this iconic wedding dress list. As you can see there’s lot of different colours, shapes and designs.

Did you spot your favourite dress? There’s a few I’ve seen that are stunning and I never get bored of looking at this list over and over again! I think I’ll be looking at this for hours!

All of them look absolutely stunning and unique in their own way.

Here Are 100 Of The Most Stylish Celeb Wedding Gowns Ever


**********************************************************************************************************’s 100 Of The Most Stylish Celeb Wedding Gowns Ever Here’s 100 Of The Most Stylish Celeb Wedding Gowns Ever
Here come the brides…
Celebrity weddings are always to die for, but what we’re REALLY here for is the bridal gowns of the rich and famous, right?

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