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Are you going to be an Autumn or Winter Bride? Not sure what to wear? Don’t worry, there are some stunning long sleeve wedding dresses out there to choose from. Getting married in the AW, can be better than the Summer. For one, you don’t have the heat! You can walk down the aisle with elegance and not have to worry about sweating! Let’s face it, there’s nothing worse than being so hot and frustrated especially in a wedding dress! Also some dresses are big and heavy, this causes more stress! You can also team your dress with a small blazer in case it does get chilly. Take a look at some of the most gorgeous Autumn Winter dresses below.

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As you can see, there are lots to choose from. Don’t feel pressurised to pick the first dress you try on. Have a look at dresses you wouldn’t even thinking of trying on… sometimes this is the dress for you! If you are feeling brave and want to show off your back, go for a backless dress. To me, lace on the arms look so elegant and girly, why not go for this? You could keep it simple and go for long plain sleeves? Whatever dress you decide upon, you will look and feel amazing!

******************************************************************************************** sleeved wedding dresses: 45 perfect gowns for brides! Well, it’s official. Summer is over and the seasons are turning, so it’s time to start celebrating the cooler weather and new autumn colors! If you’re a fall bride, you’ve got a few different things to worry about than your summer counterparts: the main one being keeping warm! With unpredictable temperatures, a skimpier wedding dress might not be your perfect look… but that’s more than okay!

Why, you ask? SLEEVES! As an autumn bride, you’re lucky enough to be married during the perfect time to wear a long sleeved wedding dress. The weather will be cool enough so that you won’t be sweltering with the extra fabric, and you’ll look oh-so-pretty among the falling leaves. Here’s our 45 favorite picks for long sleeved wedding dresses… which are your favorites?

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