Butts, Say Cheese!

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Calling all bridesmaid to be! This is the new trend for you… pulling up your bridesmaid dress to show off your butts to the camera… Say cheese!

Hmmmm, I’m not sure if all bridesmaids will be doing this but it’s seems like fun. Can you imagine Pippa Middleton doing this? Haha. Me neither!

It may be on-trend now and all the girls are doing it for a laugh but think of the photos. They are showing off their legs and butts but do we really want to look back on these photos in 10 / 20 years time? Is this the future for weddings? Neither you nor me knows this answer, only time will tell. Let’s just hope you attend a Summer wedding so your not freezing your tushy off!

We all know that some trends come and go as quickly as they came, but will this trend stay for good? Has this put you off being a bridesmaid? Will you be doing this next time you’re a bridesmaid? Who knows but until then, better get on the squat challenge, just in case!

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******************************************************************************************************************* Latest Trend For Bridesmaids Is To Pull Up Their Dresses And Show Off Their Butts (Photos) Ah, another photographical trend is born! Not too long ago, a certain Instagram trend was encouraging women around the world to take topless photos among scenic beauty.

This time around, there’s a trend urging bridesmaids to show off their butts when taking wedding photos. It’s honestly kind of amusing.

Sure, after seeing one photo, you might think it was just one wedding gone wrong. But after seeing a plethora of the same kind of photo, it’s evident this is supposed to be happening.

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