27 Poop Thoughts Girls With A Tricky Stomach Has Ever Had!

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OK, so who can relate to this? More people than what you think! Many people don’t like to admit it to be honest but we should be more liberal on this subject.

Ever been sat at work and your stomach is doing somersaults or been on a first date and you’re desperate for the toilet? Here’s 27 poop thoughts every girl (who has had a tricky stomach) have ever thought while having an upset stomach…

1. I need to find the bathroom…

Of course the bathroom is soooo far away!

2. Only one toilet!

Going from bad to worse!

3. That sexy guy knows I’ve been to the toilet like a million times in the last 10 minutes.

You can feel him watching you every time you move!

4. I hope the smell has gone!

I hope nobody knows it was me.

5. What the hell did I eat?!

Never again!

6. I’m sure this contains laxatives?

Please tell me this isn’t true!

7. Will this cheese play havoc with my stomach?

Who knows?!

8. I need to check my handbag to see if I have my tablets with me.

Tum Tums? Check.

9. I wish I wasn’t wearing a jumpsuit!

Oh no!

10. I still need to find the bathroom!

Everyone move!

11. Do you have a fizzy drink available?

What?! Sold out!!!

12. I would love a coffee…

But I know what follows.

13. I can feel something…

You’re a master at predicting when your stomach will start!

14. I need some greasy food

This may be good for the time you’re eating it but think about after!

15. I need to go home

Your own toilet is like a nirvana!

16. Maybe I could use a tampon?!

Erm… maybe not!

17. Has your relationship got to the bowel movement stage yet?

This is serious!

18. I knew I should have confessed my sins.

I’m sure this is punishment!

19. I’m hungry but I have a long road trip ahead… hmmm!

Not risking it!

20. Kids?

I can’t even look after myself.

21. Poop and sick at the same time!

This is awful!

22. I’m on soft drinks tonight

I think it’s for the best!

23. I’ve found a great app…

This will be great for my bathroom trips!

24. Knock, knock…

You need the toilet? You’ll have to wait!

25. Water please

This is the safest thing to have

26. I’ve been sat here for what seems like hours!

I need to get out!

27. No customer toilets?

You’ll wish you hadn’t said that!




http://elitedaily.com/women/sensitive-stomach-help/1160514/Oh Sh*t: 27 Thoughts Every Chick With A Sensitive Stomach Has Had As I write this, I have one of those annoying stomach cramps, well on its route to destroying my day and probably my underwear, too.

Call it what you want — a sensitive stomach, irritable bowel syndrome, the sh*ts — regardless, it sucks. As girls, we’re bound to experience the lovely effects of a crappy stomach more so than guys. Hell, we basically become targets for it monthly.

Sure, being in a complicated relationship with your stomach isn’t ideal, but it does make for some awesome stories (if you’re brave enough to share them.)

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