Are you “That Girl”?

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Every girl knows of “that girl” and we all don’t want to be “that girl” but sometimes it happens, whether we like it or not. Sometimes we don’t even know we are “that girl” until someone tells us!

Be truthful to yourself and think about when you were “that girl” If you can’t think of a time, you’re lying! Even though we don’t want to admit it, we have at some point in our lives been the hot topic of every girl’s conversation!

So here are 4 “that girls” How many have you been or still are? The truth remember!

“That Girl” who has become one person with her BF!

When you’re in love, sometimes it becomes quite full on to a point where you are obsessed with your BF and you start to post a million photos of both you and him. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram – these all know of you and your bf! They know every single detail about your relationship right down to where you first met to where you hang out! This girl has even practised signing her name with his surname! Yep, believe it! This “that girl” isn’t a bad thing as long as she doesn’t forget her friends and family who will no doubt help when it comes to her wedding!

“That Girl” is always drunk!

People say there’s nothing worse than a drunken girl. Maybe so but it doesn’t take us long to get to this point, speaking from personal experience.  The difference is that this girl doesn’t know when to stop and will do anything to entertain once drunk! There’s no controlling her and she’s ready to Par-tay! If you’re the one looking out for this girl, you can either take her home or join in, there’s no other option!

youtube video FailsAttack

“That girl” is a doormat

This is something nobody wants to be, however it has happened to all of us at least once in our lives, although we all hate to admit it. We try so dam hard not to become a doormat but yet somehow, someone always wipes their feet on you! You don’t have to be a weak person to become one either, they can catch you unaware and pounce! Doesn’t have to be a BF, it could be a family member, a friend or a complete stranger. The saying is true, give someone a inch and they take a whole mile!

“That girl” said something now changed her mind!

Maybe in the heat of the moment yo have said something and wish you’d never! Maybe it was telling your best friend that you will never take her back after he cheated on you for the second time now! Or maybe you planned a night out with the girls but changed your mind last minute. We have all been in this situation where we promise something and don’t fulfil it. My New Year’s resolution last year was to stick to my promises and I have done since, maybe we should all try it?

Pinky promise!






http://elitedaily.com/women/dont-be-that-girl/1226838/Don’t Be ‘That Girl’: 4 Situations All Women Should Try To Avoid “You heard what ‘that girl’ did this past weekend, right?”

“Did you see ‘that girl’ last night? She was so embarrassing.”

Nobody ever wants to be “that girl.”

We’ve shaken our heads at her, and we’ve rolled our eyes when we heard what she did. We may have even tried to ignore her existence for a moment.

And whether we like to admit it or not, we’ve all lost if for some amount of time and been “that girl.”


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