Have a Boo-tiful Halloween with these Decorations!

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Halloween is fast approaching and if you’re a Halloween lover like me, you would have already thought of your outfit and which party you’ll be attending! If you’re not keen and don’t enjoy dressing, you can always enjoy a party. It’s a reason to go out and have some fun. If you’re a party host and need motivation, by the time you read this, you will (hopefully) be guided by my bright ideas! Pinterest and other social media websites are so popular these days, you can get ideas from other people, for your outfit and party decoration.

Here are a few tips and options for you to consider. BTW, majority of the below is from Pinterest just in case you’re wondering!

1. Many stores are offering ready-made Halloween decorations so you don’t have to set them up! Check with your local stores or online (if you have enough time for delivery)

Photo: P.S. XO

2. Looking for a spooky recipe? Make these Halloween graveyeard pudding cups!

3. Looking for something special and different to hang from the ceiling? Try making these DIY water balloons with glow sticks

4. Bling your pumpkin!

5. Modify your wine glasses by making black or red drips!

6. Carving is so last year! This year it’s all about drilling! Less messy too!

7. Make some simple rice crispy cakes

8. Make some Bloody Shirley Temples! These look great

9. Go the whole hog with this Halloween door mat!

10. Go for a classy style by decorating your pumpkin gold!

11. If you already have leftover or new Thanksgiving decorations, you don’t need to buy Halloween ones too! Just merge them together!

12. These are a must have! For the cold nights!

13. Why not send greeting cards?

Photo: Pear Tree Greetings

14. Decorate your table with Halloween themed bottles

15. Are you a cat lover? These are perfect for you!

16. Do you want an elegant Halloween theme? Check this beautiful flower arrangement.

Photo: Good Housekeeping

17. Send a few Halloween invitations like these.

18. One Vampire Dream Cocktail coming up!

19. Love sprinkles? Put some on your pumpkin

Photo: HGTV

20. Combine your love for mermaids with Halloween!

21. Fancy doing some crafty work? Make some Halloween inspired jars

22. If you don’t have a drinks cooler, don’t panic, use a pumpkin! Just don’t forget to add the ice.

Photo: Pinterest/Debbie Ellison

23. Being on a health kick over the holidays is hard but not with this carrot and dip idea! This way you cater to all and it will look great as a table centrepiece!

24. Host a pumpkin no carving party! Rules: decorate your pumpkin without carving or drilling!

25. Be inspired by an Ouija board for your invitations

26. Do you have a black and white striped top and black trousers? Perfect, your Halloween costume! You and your partner can be robbers

27. Or a ghost? All you need is an old sheet and cut the eye holes out and maybe wear your underwear over the top for fun!

28. Keep it simple and sophisticated with these stunning decorations.

29. Still craving the sweets but need an extra kick? Try making these alcoholic gummy bears!

30. Jazz up your shot glasses


Whatever you decide upon, have a great Halloween!





http://stylecaster.com/halloween-decoration-ideas-from-pinterest/30 Halloween Decoration Ideas From Pinterest | StyleCaster Halloween is just around the corner, so—if you’re someone who digs the holiday—you’re probably already planning your costume. However, even if you’re not into dressing up, a halloween party can still be a fun excuse to get your friends together. Luckily, with websites like Pinterest, finding Halloween decoration ideas that are cool, not tacky, is a breeze.

1. Don’t want to scour stores for the perfect Halloween decorations? Order ready-to-set-up items here!


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