19 Issues You Come Across When Getting Dressed Alone!

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If you live alone, it’s good to have your own space and the whole wardrobe to yourself but think of the things that you struggle with. Being on your own means doing things solo and sometimes it’s hard to deal with.

It’s great to have the entire flat or house to yourself but when it comes to certain things, it’s a nightmare!

Whether you enjoy living alone or are trying to find someone asap to move in, read through these problems below and I bet you can relate to them.

1. Struggling to zip and unzip your dress.

This is not at all fun! You want to wear your sexy dress but the zip is too far down to reach it!

2. Do I look good in this?

No body there to answer so you revert to social media and pray you get a response in time!

3. Is this too sexy for work?

Separating your work clothes to your social clothes is hard!

4. Any VPL’s?

Can you see my knickers through this dress?

5. Will guys like my outfit?

You sometimes need a guys opinion because this is so different from a girls point of view.

6. My knicker are munching my skirt!

Ever left your flat/apartment/house and realised half way down the street that your skirt is tucked into your knickers? We’ve all been there. Check in the mirror before you leave!

7. I’ll fit into this even if I have to hold my breath all day

OK, you’ve found the size 6 skirt you bought in the sale thinking you’ll fit in it, hmmmm!

8. Borrowing clothes and make up!

Maybe living on your own is a good thing! At least you have everything to yourself!

9. When buying online, you have to pay the full postage amount!

You have to take the rough with the smooth!

10. Am I too under dressed?

I’m going to the local bar and want to wear my jeans, will this be ok?

11. Oh gosh, are even overdressed?

I fancy getting dressed up, will this be ok?

12. Holey jumper alert

Nothing worse than getting to work and someone pointing out that you have a hole underneath your armpit! Nice! Your response, it’s meant to be there or it happened on the way to work! Hehe.

13. Your favourite store has an online sale!!!

Nobody to drag you away from your laptop… I need these shoes and this jumper… oh and this top looks so nice!

14. You’re having a diva fit because you can’t find anything to wear!

You have 2 wardrobes filled with clothes but still can’t find anything to wear. You need someone to help you relax.

15. Say it like it is but again no one there!

No don’t wear that, you look like Vivian Ward from Pretty Woman in those boots.

16. Do I have a ladder in these?

You try and find the ladder but only see it when it’s too late and you’re sat on the train! I’m channeling the punk rock chick look today!

17. Can you tell I’m on my period in these trousers?

I think you can!

18. Your favourite pair of yoga/workout leggings are in fact now see-through!

You don’t check your backside out when wearing but yes they have perished!

19. It’s hot outside and you need to pop to the shops…

Only trouble is, I need sunblock on my back!!!

Hands up girlies, how many do you relate to?!

******************************************************************************************************** 18 Struggles Girls Have When Getting Dressed Alone Congratulations: you’re an independent woman. You’ve only drunk-Tindered once in the past week, actually cleaned out your closet (just kidding, you hired Handy) and most importantly, you finally have your own place.

Whether it’s a studio, a loft or even a dorm room — that space is yours and yours alone. You get to throw parties whenever you want and have as many guys over as you’d like. The judgement-free zone starts when you walk in the door.

The best part of living solo? That closet space is all yours.

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