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If you haven’t heard of Shamekh Bluwi, you probably will soon! He is a Fashion Illustrator, Visual Artist and an Architect from Amman, Jordan. He’s making headlines on the Internet with his special unique way of drawing fabulous women in dresses! His drawings are paper cut-outs so when the drawing is held up, this pattern, object or whatever it is in the background shows as if it’s the dress/skirt pattern.

This is great. What an amazing idea for inspiration and motivation. With these cut-out drawings, you can create masterpieces by holding them up to different scenes. For instance, you could see what a tree or leaf pattern would look like on a dress or a street view and even a city skyline before you even plan ahead. What a time and money saver! Imagine you don’t even have to get a sample from the factory for all those horrid prints you thought of before and didn’t work! This is definitely a winner with me. He can now take his drawings all around the world and get an insight to many designs!

Gorgeous City Skirt

Stunning dress – white with green leaves. From my opinion, just enough green to make a fabulous print. The green mixes so well with the white.

A printed dress. This print would 100% work!

I love this street dress!

Marrakesh print 

This dress is so strong!

He has even created a shade cut-out!

After looking at these photos, I can see many Designers trying this. This is such a great idea, good work Shamekh!

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********************************************************************************************************* Illustrator Completes His Cut-Out Dresses With Clouds And Buildings | Bored Panda Shamekh Bluwi, an architect and fashion illustrator based in Amman, Jordan, creates beautiful paper cut-outs with women whose dresses become whatever you hold them up against.

Besides being beautiful fashion drawings, they also seem like an excellent tool for coming up with inspiration for new fashion designs; simply hold up one of his drawings and see what sort of architectural lines, repeating patterns or images the women in his elegant cutouts would look good in.

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